Commercial entry doors

Are you looking for a commercial door company to replace or repair your business door? Do you need help with the maintenance of the doors or the locks in the building you’re managing? If so, you have come to the right place.

AmPm Door Services provides commercial door repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today if you need a 24-7 emergency repair service or information regarding the variety of services that we provide for commercial doors.

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A business door that has a malfunction, drags on the floor, or is noisy, rusty, or broken, will make a bad impression in front of new customers who visit your business for the first time.

Since the doors of businesses open and close frequently, we strongly recommend not to delay treating and fixing malfunctions. Sometimes delaying the repair of a door problem could make it more complex and expensive in the future, when it was possible to prevent this in advance with a pretreatment.

We supply and install commercial doors of all types, from glass entry doors to fire rated panic doors. We can help you with any exterior or interior door in your business. Weather you need 24 hour commercial door repair in the Toronto Metropolitan area or just some maintenance advise, AmPm Door Services ready to help.

We can produce custom doors for you, according to your requirements. We provide metal, aluminum, glass, and even wooden doors with prestigious designs.

Commercial Entry Door Repair

Aluminum glass door

Since business doors open and close regularly throughout the day, it is important to maintain and repair any malfunction in them immediately. The most common malfunctions in commercial entry doors for businesses or buildings are doors that have fallen from the hinges or have a loose or broken lock or handle. Other problems that also may exist include rust, cracks, or dents in steel doors and frames. We can help you fix the commercial door of your business at a fair price, while supplying you with quality parts. Not only that, an experienced qualified door technician will be the one to service your door. Our technicians are experienced at repairing all kinds of commercial doors, so yours will not be a problem.

Commercial entry doors are usually heavy since they are made of glass and aluminum or hollow metal. We do not recommend that you try to fix these doors on your own since we encounter quite a few cases where the repair was relatively quick and cheap. Any attempt to repair a door by an unskilled technician will likely cause damaged parts or a broken glass door.

We provide emergency door repair services, and if necessary, we will prioritize a job that requires immediate treatment during that same day. Compare this to non-urgent work that can wait until the next day to be done. If this is an emergency and your door is broken or falls off its hinges, please indicate this when you call our office so that we can arrange for the proper technician to come to you as soon as possible.

The weather in Canada is extreme, and it is important that your business door is able to fully and properly close. If the door closer or opener of your automatic doors is not working, or the door is not balanced, this may cause the door to detach from the hinges on a windy day. Therefore, you need to keep all bolts tightened and the door fully closed.

Glass Commercial Doors

Commercial glass doors come in different sizes and types. The main characteristic that distinguishes between the different kinds of aluminum glass doors is the type of hinges, which varies from offset hinges, pivot hinges, butt hinges, continuous hinges, and center-hung hinges.

If the glass is broken or the aluminum frame is loose, do not try to repair it independently because if the tools you work with slip or if the door falls, the glass may break and injure you. Remember that this is not normal glass but instead a thick, reinforced glass. This means that if it breaks down onto you, it is more dangerous than the ordinary glass of residential glass doors.

If you had a burglary in your business and your lock is damaged, or the aluminum frame is curved or cracked, it should be fixed immediately. Replacing the lock alone will not be enough to secure the door in the event of a gap being created between the door frame and the locking mechanism.

If you need a commercial glass door repair service, we will be happy to assist you in emergency situations and provide you with fast, professional, and competitive service. We also supply glass doors of all kinds, including interior doors for businesses and offices, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. If you are looking to replace an old door, please contact us today and we will send you an experienced technician to do the job right away.

Commercial Steel Door Repair

Commercial steel door

Commercial doors that are not for storefront or business entry purposes will usually be made from steel, so they won’t be seen through. This is in contrast of the front entry doors that would normally be made from glass and aluminum. Commercial steel doors are more resistant to burglaries and will usually come with commercial grade lock & handles. These doors are also used in large residential buildings and industrial buildings.

There are several types of metal doors for businesses, but the most common ones are standard flash steel doors. It is important to note that these doors are hollow inside, so they should be referred to as hollow-metal doors.

A standard flash door will be the cheapest, whereas larger dimensions or costume sizes will cost more. In addition, a tempered glass window or lower ventilation louver can be attached to the door for businesses that may need them, such as restaurants or manufacturing plants. If it is an opening for receiving goods from suppliers, a double door can be ordered up to a width of 74″ and a maximum height of 98”. There is also the option of ordering all our doors as fire rated doors.

If you need a commercial steel door repair service, we will be happy to assist you quickly 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We will also be happy to assist you in the replacement of an old door or the installation of some new hardware, such as automatic door openers or closers. If your steel door frame is broken, dented, or rusty, we can send an experienced door technician to help you immediately and at a fair price.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum entry door

The advantage of aluminum metal in commercial doors and the frames of glass doors is that metal is light. However, despite its low specific gravity, aluminum metal is also strong, durable, rust-proof and allows narrow profiles which enable most of the door to be made from glass while only the frame of the glass door will be made from aluminum.

You can find aluminum doors and frames in both commercial and residential doors. They are in the doors at the front entrance of businesses and houses, patio doors, windows, modern interior doors, offices, and industrial buildings. The aluminum metal can also be found in various door hardware and replacement parts, such as door thresholds, crash-bars, openers, closers and door handles.

If you are looking for an aluminum door company that can replace, repair, or install a new aluminum door, AMPM Door Services will be happy to help you out and provide you with professional and fast service. Not only that, we offer aluminum door frames of all sizes including all types of hardware which accompany these doors.

We know that aluminum doors are usually installed in places where it is important to prevent unwanted access. When there is a problem, you will need a quick repair service in case your aluminum door is broken and you do not want to be left without a door during the night. If this is an emergency, please indicate the status of your door in the conversation you have with our representative. That way, we can give your call our highest priority.

Commercial Door Installation

For the proper installation of a commercial door and frame, there is a need for a skilled and experienced technician who has the dedicated suitable tools necessary for the installation of doors. They must also have a general construction background because it is usually necessary to break the walls around the frame and to work with concrete. They will even have to solder various metals and work with drywall too.

Professional installation may extend the life of the door. Alternatively, installation by an inexperienced technician will likely result in frequent malfunctions and rapid wear of parts, such as the hinges, frames, locks, handles, and various rubber seals.

An experienced company will know which suppliers to order the door from in order to get the highest value for your money. The door installation service of our company will start by coordinating a meeting for the purpose of taking measurements and coordinating expectations with the customer and the various demands that must be taken into consideration. At this stage, we will also check that the frame of the door is balanced, which will contribute to a smooth installation without last-minute changes. At this stage, you can also order locks, hinges, door closers or openers, and a handicap button for the disabled to open the door if necessary.

Commercial Door Replacement

The replacement of an old commercial door should be done taking into account several factors, which are the door frame and the type of structure on which it is installed on, the type of door, its weight, and of course the type of business and its security needs

We offer commercial door replacement service for all kinds of doors. In case of a standard size, the delivery time may be immediate, but if it is necessary to manufacture the door according to a custom size, the supply time may be extended to around 21 Business days

Specialist technicians available to us to replace the doors of businesses, including the replacement and installation of high-security locks to prevent break-ins by drilling the main lock cylinder.

If you have specific requirements for your type of business, such as sound-proof doors or doors with a requirement to comply with various standards we will be happy to provide you with a door of the highest level, and installation by a specialist technician who is also qualified as a commercial locksmith for business and industrial buildings.

Commercial Door Hardware

Are you looking for a commercial door hardware supplier to replace or repair a broken part? If so, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with spare parts for commercial or industrial doors of all types and sizes. Some of the parts that we provide are locks, hinges, frames, thresholds, handles, levers, openers, closers, exit-bars and handicap openers with electronic (magnetic) locks. We also provide weather-strappings for metal or wooden doors of all sizes and a variety of colors to choose from.

We are committed to providing the highest quality spare parts, and it is important for you to know that you have a place to return to and there is someone who will help you with any request or advice on spare parts that you need. Based on our years of experience, we recommend that you do not attempt to replace parts that you are not sure how to replace. Sometimes it is best to order the service of an experienced professional, and not spend half the day in vain by possibly damaging the new part that you bought from a supplier.

Our replacement parts come with a full warranty and can be replaced if necessary in the original packaging. We make sure to provide courteous, fast and professional customer service, and we will be happy to serve you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.