Aluminum glass door

Many commercial businesses like to have their doors and frames made of aluminum metal because it is lightweight and very durable. Unlike many other metals, aluminum metal does not rust and can be made for much narrower doors and frames. If you’re trying to construct a frame for a glass door, aluminum is the only metal thin enough to accommodate it.

However, aluminum is not impervious to damages and dents. Whether you have aluminum glass doors and/or aluminum door frames, you can expect scuffs and dents to form in the aluminum as time goes by. Commercial doors and frames like these are repeatedly opened and closed every single day.

Depending on the type of commercial facility you have, there could be people constantly banging into the aluminum which will only further cause problems for the metal. The only thing you can do is maintain the aluminum by hiring a reputable repair servicing company.

24 Hour Emergency Repair Services

The aluminum door frame repair services that we offer can fix any problems that you have with your aluminum door or frame. Since you’re running a business, you’ll probably want to get your metal door repaired immediately to make your facility look professional and clean to your customers. You can contact us any day of the week to inquire about our services and to schedule for one of our professionals to come to your facility and evaluate your situation.

  • Holes or dents on the frame
  • Deteriorating frame joint seals
  • Damaged latches or locks
  • Pitting, dirt and grime

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Broken Aluminum Frame or Hinge?

The worst problem you could have with a door frame or hinge is to have it completely break. Although it is possible to have broken aluminum door repair in some circumstances, sometimes the condition could be so bad that it is unrepairable. You could also have a broken door hinge which limits your ability to open and close the door properly. In these situations, you will need to get a replacement aluminum door frame and door hinge. This will be the only way to restore their functionality and aesthetics.

We understand how important it is for your business to have a functional door with a working frame and hinge. That is why we offer door hinge replacement services that only take one business day to fulfill. Just give us a call and let us know that your hinge is broken.

Once our professional goes there and verifies that it is broken and unrepairable, they will replace it right away with a completely new frame and/or hinge. Then, you don’t have to worry about losing customers or degrading the value of your business because of faulty doors.