Commercial steel door

Hollow metal doors are primarily used in commercial buildings because they are strong and secure. Their appearance is also suitable for a professional setting, unlike the doors you’d find in residential homes which are all made of wood. As a business owner, quality hollow metal doors can protect your investment and ensure that your facility meets the proper federal regulation requirements for safety.

Holes, Dents, or Rust?

As strong as hollow metal doors are, they can be subjected to wear and tear after a while. When you consider all the people who will be opening, closing, and bumping into the hollow doors of your business, it is only natural that holes, dents, and rust will eventually form. If you see any of these things, don’t assume that your door is going bad. It just means that repairs must be done on your door to restore it back to its original condition.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Our hollow metal door repair services can remove rust and fix any holes or dents that might exist on your door. We serve a variety of industries and organizations, including office buildings, courtrooms, hotels, airports, industrial and manufacturing plants, military facilities, and more. Wherever you need your hollow metal door repair services performed, we can accommodate your wishes.

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In some situations, you may need to replace your old hollow metal door with an entirely new one. This will depend on the condition of the door and whether the existing frame can support it. Sometimes the frame just needs to be repaired of its own particular flaws in order for you to keep the door that you have.

Sales of Hollow Metal Doors

  • The standard sizes are (in inches): 30×80, 32×80, 36×80, 36×84
  • Custom sizes available: Width: 24-48in – Height: 80-96in
  • Fire proof rating options: 90 min, 45 min, none
  • Left Hand – Out / In Swing
  • Right Hand – Out / In Swing
  • Related hardware: exit push bar, deadbolts, levers, door closers or openers, louvers, glass window panel

Metal Door Frames

The metal door frame is responsible for securing the door in place and ensuring that no one can access the bolt in between the door and the frame. However, if you have a damaged door frame or one that provides inadequate security to the door, then burglars and intruders are likely going to take advantage of this to gain entry to your facility.

Metal frame repair services are available to repair any damages or flaws in your door frame. Whether you need a steel frame adjustment or simply repairs to prevent a break-in, we can perform the repair job thoroughly and professionally on your door frame. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you need these services either because we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.