Commercial steel door

If you own a commercial business, then you need a steel door to protect your facility from outside intruders. Unless you own a storefront where customers regularly enter through the front doors, you will want hollow steel doors so that no one can see inside.

However, like most doors, they will eventually be subjected to rust, holes, and dents after they’ve been used for a while. This will make the aesthetics of your business look unprofessional and it may even allow intruders to find a way to get through the door and into your facility.

24/7 Repair Services

AmPm Door Services specializes in commercial steel door repair services for situations just like these. Whether you need to repair dents and holes or remove rust, we can repair any steel door or frame that you’re having problems with. Most clients who request our emergency repair services are in manufacturing plants, restaurants, condominiums, and apartment complexes.

Our Services:

  • Broken hinge repair
  • Holes or dents patching
  • Door frame repair
  • Door replacement

Fast 24 Hour Service
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If you need to replace your entire steel door, the cost will depend on the size of the door. Standard doors will obviously cost more than double doors or ones with unusually longer dimensions on each side. If you need your door to be fire resistant so that it complies with local safety regulations, we can make that happen for you too.

Commercial entry doors

New Doors & Hardware

  • Custom sized doors
  • Mortise hinges and locks
  • Exit pull bars
  • Continuous hinges

Standard Door Sizes (Inches)

Custom Sizing Available, Width: 24-48in – Height: 80-96in

Double doors available, louvers or glass windows available

  • 30×80
  • 32×80
  • 36×80
  • 36×84

Fire Proof Rating Options

  • 45 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes
  • None

Door Handing Options

  • Left Hand – Out / In Swing
  • Right Hand – Out / In Swing

Broken Door Hinge?

One of the most vulnerable areas of any door frame is its hinges. They are constantly losing screws and being subjected to wear and tear each time the door is opened. If the hinges attached to your steel door frame are not in good condition, then it may be possible for burglars to bypass your commercial steel locks by taking advantage of the hinge’s vulnerability. Our 24-7 steel frame repair services including the fixing of any hinges that are damaged or loose in the frame.

Warn-Out Door Astragal?

In addition to hinge repair, we can do astragal repair and metal frame repair as well. The frame of the door is more than just for aesthetics. It is a barrier around the door which keeps it rigid and prevents it from falling out of place. Any problems with the frames could compromise the well-being of the door. This is a chance that you cannot take in a commercial environment.

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If you need any of these services, just contact us any day of the week and our customer service representative will be happy to set up an appointment for a certified technician to come to your building and give you a free estimate.