We provide fast 24 hour garage door repair services in Toronto and the GTA, for all kinds of residential or commercial garage doors. Our service can be performed on the same day and includes the repair or replacement of defective parts. We will do this on the same day even if it means that we’ll have to go back to our company‘s warehouse and bring the part that we don’t regularly carry with us.

Garage door

Emergency Garage Door Repair

We are experienced in repairing all kinds of existing garage doors faults, from garage door openers that don’t work to broken springs or cables that need replacing. In an emergency case that requires immediate garage door repair servicing, please specify that when ordering the service job and we will make every effort to send a technician to you as soon as possible and make your order a priority.

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What Should You Do When Your Door Won’t Open

If your garage door gets stuck or does not close, which leaves it partially open or fully open, please bear in mind that there is a situation where the spring or the cable is bad. This can cause the door to become very heavy and also cause the parts that are under pressure to become released from their place and injure anyone underneath. That is why you should leave the job for a professional technician who knows how to diagnose the problem correctly and lower the door safely.

Broken Spring or Cable?

Broken garage door spring

If the cable or spring has snapped in half, we recommend that you always replace both, in order to avoid repeated failure in the near future and having to pay the surcharge on a separate call for an emergency garage door repair service. If you can hear the door’s engine working, but the chain or belt is not moving at all, the motor has probably drenched, and so the repair will cost less than replacing it with a new engine.

In the case of garage doors, we recommend that you choose only a reliable and experienced company that gives a full warranty on labor and parts, and is fully insured, including insurance for commercial or industrial buildings. We will be happy to help you in any case where you need a 24 hour garage door repair in Toronto area, and provide you with a courteous, professional, and quick service at a very fair price.

Opener Repair

Garage door opener

At, AmPm Door Services we will always try to get your opener repaired instead of replacing it with a new one. If you can hear the motor working, and the chain or the belt won’t move at all, the gear might have been broken, and a replacement gear will save you the expense of installing a new opener. We also carry spare parts such as remotes, sensors, keypads and drive chains.

The garage door opener should be maintained and tuned-up at all times! Make sure that the chain/belt are not loose, as it could break the plastic gear (which can be replaced), or worse, the main metal sprocket on top of the opener.

Lubricate the chain with a suitable oil-based lubricant, such as WD40, once a year, and clean the sensors every few months with a rag to remove any debris, dust or cobwebs.

If you’re looking for quieter operation, choose the belt-drive option vs. the chain. For a single door, 1/2 hp is usually ideal, and for insulated double doors, go with a 3/4 hp motor. The most frequently recommended opener brands are Chamberlain-Liftmaster, Sears, and Craftsman.

Spring Repair

Garage door spring

We provide 24/7 emergency broken spring replacement services. We carry both residential and commercial garage springs. Our trucks are stocked with all the common spring sizes, so we can get the job done right on the spot, and have your broken spring replaced with no further delay.

The spring is the heart of the garage door! It supports the weight of the door and should be perfectly adjusted at all times. If your spring is not adjusted correctly, or worse, when the wrong spring is installed, it will lead to premature failure and avoidable future expenses.

When a spring snaps, the door’s weight is no longer counter-balanced, and although the opener might hold the door, it can slam into the floor when trying to close it manually! If your torsion or extension spring snapped in half, don’t try to open or close the door yourself (manually), and don’t pull the red emergency release wire in this situation, especially on heavier double car garage doors. Hire only a trusted garage door company to perform the necessary repairs.

Cable Repair

Garage door cable

We provide 24-hour garage door cable repair services. We can replace cables of both commercial or residential garage doors. We use high quality, durable cables, and give a full warranty on every job we perform.

The cables hold the entire weight of the door, by connecting the springs to the door. The cables are wound on a pulley (drum) and linked to the bottom door panel brackets. When a cable snaps or jumps out of the pulley/bottom bracket, it means the remaining intact cable is holding the entire weight of the door and is under great tension.

When one of the cables snaps, you should leave the door as is! Don’t try to open or close the door. With only one functioning cable, door movement may be out of alignment, and operating the door this way could complicate the repair process, not to mention increasing the risk of injury.

Please note: When there’s a spring failure, the cable might come off the bracket, but it does not necessarily need to be replaced with a new one.


Garage door maintenance project

Regular preventive garage door care and maintenance can save you loads of money! Inspect your door to make sure that the cables are not damaged, and that there is no rust on the bottom brackets. Use a lubricant, such as WD40 (oil-based), to lubricate all moving parts like the bearings, brackets, hinges, chains, and springs. Avoid using an excessive amount of lubricant because it will just accumulate dirt and dust.

Clean the sensors, and make sure the weather-stripping is in good condition. At least once per year, while the door is closed, you should disconnect the automatic opener and lift the door up manually to see how well it’s balanced (not too heavy). Also, make sure that the door is horizontally aligned, and that it operates smoothly without any unusual noises. Change the springs and the cables once every 7 to 10 years and replace any damaged rollers with quieter silicon rollers.

Garage Door Parts

We can supply any replacement part that you might need, for both residential or commercial applications, and any door type or size. We use only high-quality door hardware and provide a warranty on both replacement parts and labor.

We can replace any damaged garage door hardware or accessory item, including door openers, locks, remote controls, keypads, rollers, hinges and more. If you’re looking for replacement weather-stripping, there’s a good chance we have the right one for you, as we carry all sizes and colors in stock.

Feel free to call our office 7 days per week. When looking for a replacement door opener, spring, or cable, you need to have a professional garage door service company replace it for you because when one of those parts is not installed properly, it presents a risk of causing more damage or injury.

New Garage Door Sales

New garage door styles

If you are considering installing a new garage door for your home or business, we will be happy to help and provide you with a quality door that has a modern design and a competitive price.

Garage doors come in different colors, materials and have accompanying options like insulation or glass windows. At AmPm Door Services, we provide overhead doors that meet the strictest standards, and all our parts and doors are new and weather resistant.

Door Types We Can Help With:

When considering buying a new garage door, you must decide whether you want an insulated door or not. Our recommendation is always to choose an insulated garage door because of the cold Canadian winter. Not only that, the insulated door will be thicker, stronger, and more durable than a non-insulated door.

If you would like to receive a quote for installing a new garage door, we can provide you with an estimated cost over the phone, but the final price will be determined during the free consultation and the ordering of the door. The reason is there are cases where the installation of the door is slightly different and might require different hardware or require customization in comparison to a standard installation.

You can find different materials in our garage residential doors catalog, ranging from standard metal doors to decorated glass or wooden doors.

When you inquire about the price of a new garage door, don’t look necessarily for the cheapest door because the quality of the tracks, springs and panels of the door will be less. Because of this, early failure of the various parts will force you to pay extra in replacement costs

It is important to choose a reliable garage door supplier, that will send an experienced installer who knows to diagnose and prevent future problems in advance. Of course, a warranty is an important factor too, and any reputable garage door manufacturer will provide you with a full warranty for the installation of new garage doors. They will also send a technician in the event of any future failures that are related to the supply or installation of the door.