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Aluminum garage doors are a popular choice for homes and businesses because these doors are affordable, lightweight, and durable. AMPM Door Services has been conducting aluminum garage door sales ever since we’ve been in business. The reason for this is due to the popularity of these doors for both commercial and residential buildings and structures. The best part is they still allow light to shine through whenever insulated glass is used with aluminum panels. But if you want a fully aluminum garage door, we can make that happen for you too.

Durable, but they are still capable of getting damaged

Aluminum garage doors may be durable, but they are still capable of getting damaged or having a malfunction of some kind. Materials found in these garage doors, like glass, acrylic, and aluminum, can all be damaged if they suffer enough abuse or wear and tear.

It is important that you get these problems repaired right away before they get worse. Remember that it is cheaper to repair a garage door than it is to replace and install a new one. So, you should always consider the repair option first because your existing aluminum garage door may still be salvageable.

Aluminum Garage Door Sales & Installation Services

The first step in the installation process is for the customer to choose which type of aluminum garage door they want. The two most common ones are overhead roll-up doors. Customers also need to specify whether they want an aluminum frame with glass or a fully aluminum door.

Once these requirements are given, we will perform the installation of this specific type of door in your home or building. The sales and installation are often a package deal, so you will save money when you purchase an aluminum garage door from us and then have us install it.

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Spare Parts

Aluminum garage doors are comprised of several components, such as cables, springs, and openers. But the most common parts which need to be repaired or replaced are the steel brackets and hinges because they are smaller and get subjected to the most wear and tear. Steel ball bearings would fall into this category as well.

If you have an electronic garage door opener, these tend to malfunction a lot too. Whatever your parts problem is, our experienced garage door technician will identify the issue and repair or replace the part at the cheapest possible price.