Overhead garage doors are used on a daily basis. No matter the weather or your schedule, the garage door must perform at its best. Any malfunction will throw off your plans for the day. Broken garage doors could also cause security issues in your home. A burglar could take advantage of it to enter your residence.

It is advised that people perform maintenance on their garage doors frequently. In all honesty, how many of you remember to do it? After years of use and a lack of maintenance, any garage door is bound to break. In any of these situations, you will need to call for an emergency garage door repair.

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Malfunctions On Garage Doors

There are many ways you garage door could break. The malfunctions are caused usually by the neglect of the owners. It could also be caused by an incident.

Broken Springs

Garage door spring

Garage door springs tend to break every 7-10 years. There are 2 types of springs: torsion or extension. Please note: when your garage door spring breaks the door is actually much heavier then it use to be. Do not try to manually close it, if it’s fully or partially open, is it might slam into the floor and break or bent, or worse injure you.

Please note: if you have 2 springs and one of them broke, it is highly recommended to change both of them, and check the cables for rust on the same appointment.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door opener

Openers are complex pieces. Not everybody can fix it. Many circumstances could damage your door opener. In that case, you will need an emergency garage door repair. When your opener failing from lifting your door, it does not necessarily need to be replaced, a reliable opener repair service technician will save you time and money by replacing only the broken part such as broken gear, chain or belt.

The Cables

Garage door cable

The cables connecting between the main shaft & springs to the actual door itself, from the pullies that placed on each end of the main shaft down to the bottom brackets that placed on the bottom panel. There is great tension on them as they counter the weight of the door, and making the lifting much easier for the electric openers. When one of the cables snaps the other cable holds the entire door, it is highly recommended that you don’t try to lower the door manually by pulling the emergency release wire. In general, when it comes to broken garage door cable repair work, leave it to a trained technician and stay safe.

A Car Hit

If you hit your garage door with your car, and the door panels got bent, we might be able to restore it for you, with re-inforcing aluminum stripes that will make any bent or damaged panel straight again. If you crashed your vehicle into your residential garage door, don’t try to open or close it, leave it to a professional and avoid causing more damage or worse injuring yourself.

Weather Resistance

Winter is not a gentle season in Canada. The low temperatures affect your lifestyle but could also affect your doors. Low temperatures seal doors. If it is so cold you cannot even open the door, you need an emergency service.


Hinges should be oiled regularly. If you do not do it, the garage door will stop opening.

Replacement Parts

If you are looking for replacement parts for your garage door, we would love to supply it at an affordable cost.

Other Services

You decided to call an emergency garage door repair. First, you must know the services available in every company. Not all the companies have technicians to fix your specific issue.

Garage doors may require other services. If the company you contacted do not offer the service you need, they will get you in contact with someone that can.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Company

Garage doors are more than hinges. These are a complex mechanism and only a professional can fix them. If you face any complication, call a local garage door company.

Keep in mind that if you wait to get it fixed, the issues could get worse. Having a garage door that does not open is a problem. If the car is inside, you will have to find a way to move around without your car. If it is outside, it is exposed to incidents. None of these scenarios is good for you.

Garage doors require expertise. If you do not have the experience and attempt to repair it, you may damage it permanently. Even changing smalls pieces require knowledge. If you choose the wrong piece, the door will stay broken.

A reliable company will fix your problem in no time. The quality of their work guarantees that the door stays functional for a long time.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Garage Door?

Depending on the issue it could take some time to fix the garage door. The advantage of an emergency repair is how fast they work. The technician can fix your doo the same day. Replacing pieces is not difficult if an expert is in charge.
Not everyone has time to lose. The faster the garage door gets repaired, the better.

Repair Process

Use the first call to describe the issue to the technician. It will give them an idea of the problem with your door. Tell them everything, if you had a similar issue before they should know it. In case the problem was caused by an incident, explain to them what happened.

Once the technician arrives at your residence, the will perform an evaluation of the door. They will evaluate the current condition of the door. A professional will be able to detect malfunctions that are not obvious to everyone. Based on the result of the evaluation, they will proceed to fix the issue immediately. It could happen that the technician does not have the tools and pieces necessary at the moment.

If that is the case, they will return the next day. It could happen that the technician cannot repair the problem. In that case, they will refer you to another professional. If you cannot wait, call for an emergency garage door repair. Make sure the technician knows it is an urgent job.

Greater Toronto Area

Canada has a broad variety of companies that offer emergency repair in the GTA. It is convenient to hire a service near your residence. These companies have plenty of experience with garage doors. Especially when it comes to issues caused by the weather.

The advantage of a local repair service is that you will be able to call them anytime. After they finish the reparation, make sure to schedule a maintenance for the garage door. Remember, regular maintenance will prevent future malfunctions.