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Garage doors influence in the general appearance of a house or a business. Taking care of the garage door will improve the front look of the property. It will also save you some trouble since garage doors could stop working. Sometimes, it is necessary to change said door.

There are many reasons to change the garage door. Perhaps it is the door that came originally with the house. As time goes by, the old models stop looking well. It is possible that the door has been damaged beyond repair. Whatever the case, you need to contact a company that offers garage door installation services.

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Choosing The Right Garage Door

Before you contact a professional, you need to make some decisions. What kind of door do you want? What material is best for you? What type of door goes with your budget?

The three main materials for garage doors are:

Steel: It is a low-cost, low maintenance material. Doors made of steel will not require as much attention as wooden garage doors. It is possible to customize the outside of a steel garage door. There are plenty of colors and textures available.

Steel is not a good insulator. Unlike wood, steel does not keep the heat or energy. Most of steel garage doors come with an option of insulation, which is not only keep your energy cost low, but also makes the door panels much stronger and thicker. Companies that offer garage door installations services will be able to guide you. They will help you choose the best garage door for you.

Wood: Most garage doors are made of wood or steel, and some of them come in aluminum frame and glass. A wooden garage door is a classic and stylish material.

Before you choose a new wooden garage door, keep in mind that these doors require regular maintenance and less durable especially when in use in countries with extreme weather such as Canada. Humidity and cold weather damage wood. Having a wooden garage door in Canada’s weather is not a good idea. If you still decide to choose wood over other materials, ask for recommendations on how to maintain your garage door.

Aluminum: Similar to garage doors made of steel. The main difference is the endurance of each material. Aluminum is weaker than steel. Aluminum garage doors are mostly come with glass panels, that provide a full view and maximum light and visibility. Aluminum garage doors used mostly on commercial businesses such as restaurants, storefronts, and warehouses.

When choosing the garage door, keep in mind the insulation properties. Canada has cold winters, your garage should be insulated and it starts with the garage door. Take into consideration how much maintenance the garage door will need and how the weather could affect the material.

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Why Should I Hire A Service?

There are plenty of tutorials online that teach you how to install your garage door. If it is possible to do it by yourself, why should you hire a service? Simply put, the quality of the work will never be the same.

Companies that offer garage door installation services have the experience. They know exactly how to perform every task. A garage door is very different from any other type of door. It has multiple pieces and mechanical parts like the door opener, springs, cables and more.

The garage door should be perfectly on track, otherwise it will not open as it should. Under no circumstance, this is a one-man job, especially when it comes to double garage doors. Our garage door installation services include a crew that will be working on your garage door.

If you try to install the door and do not know what you are doing, you could damage the opener’s gear, bend the panel, break the glass windows or worse injure yourself, as the springs, and the cables under great high tension. The damage could affect the the opener gear and break it within few months. Avoid any inconvenience by hiring garage door installation services.

Before The Installation

Before the crew arrives to your residence, make sure you know exactly what you want. Choose the garage door that goes with your style and needs. Take time to supervise the process. You can choose your style on our new garage doors page.

Insulation is a factor to consider in places like Canada. The cold weather makes it necessary. Ask if the garage door installation services include any kind of insulation for the doors.

Make sure the crew is comfortable and have enough space to work. If you planned the installation well, they will not have any issues while working.

Installation Process

The first step is to remove the previous garage door. It is necessary to take off the cables, hinges, the door opener and any other piece. This could take some time since garage doors are so complex.

Once the previous garage door and its parts are out, the crew will install the new panels. With the hinges secured, it is time for the tracks. The panels should be perfectly aligned on the tracks or the garage door will not work properly.

With the panels in place, then the crew can start working on the torsion rod, springs, pulleys, and cables. The door opener will be installed as well. Once every piece is in its place, the garage door is ready to be used.

Remember that any capping (covering the frame with aluminum sheets) should happen before the panels are installed. It is possible to do it later but you will need to take the tracks apart in some cases.


Most garage door companies also offer maintenance services. Ask for their recommendations on how to keep your door functional. If there is a problem after the installation, you should contact them for an evaluation.

Find a local company that has multiple services for you and your doors. Remember that it is always better to hire an expert on garage door installation services.

AmPm Door Services

We at AmPm Door Services provide commercial and residential garage door repair and installation services. We supply and install residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors. If you are looking for a special design, or custom sized garage door, we will deliver it within few days. We give a full warranty on both new doors and replacement parts.

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