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Important Safety Tips

Modern garage doors and door openers are designed to be safe when installed, maintained, and used properly. However, that doesn’t mean they present no dangers, in particular to home handymen who might be inclined to perform their own maintenance and repairs on these mechanical devices.

We don’t try to discourage people from doing their own routine maintenance if they feel comfortable with that. However, we think it’s very important to be aware of the safety aspects involved, know how to perform common tasks safely, and recognize where danger lurks and a professional may be needed. Read your garage door and garage door opener owner’s manual, and consult pages like this one for advice.

It’s important to understand that some repair jobs (e.g. spring replacement) really should be tackled by a trained professional, due to serious risk of injury if not done correctly. If you are unsure about a task you are about to perform, it’s better to call the experts. Also, be sure to retest the important safety reversal system after any repairs or adjustments are made.

Garage door opener

Two of the most important things we want you to remember are these facts:

(1) Garage doors are very heavy. When the door is partially open or fully open NEVER pull the emergency release red wire as the door will slam into the floor and break or bend.

(2) Garage door lift springs store a tremendous amount of energy. The springs and the cables are there to counter the weight of the door, and when one of them fails, it is highly recommended to leave the door as is, not only because you can severely injure yourself, you can make a simple and fairly cheap repair, more complex or expensive by bending or damaging different moving parts such as hinges, rollers, brackets, pullies or the opener itself and it’s plastic gear.

Again, garage doors may not seem heavy, at all, when you lift one up. That’s because the garage door spring(s) are doing most of the work for you. But, if a door spring or cable breaks, the door could become unsupported and come crashing down to the floor. Therefore, if you have a broken spring, do not try to force the door open or closed by pulling the emergency release handle. We strongly recommend, for safety reasons, that only trained professionals should undertake the installation or repair of garage door springs and cables.

Check The Weight Of Your Door

A balanced garage door is important to the proper and safe functioning of your garage door system. If your garage door binds, sticks, or is out of balance, it puts additional stress on the whole system including the opener. Also, if the opener detects too much resistance due to imbalance, it may reverse unintentionally, or not reverse when required. A balanced door also helps extend the life of the opener by reducing the workload on it.

To test the balance, first, close the garage door, and then disconnect it from the opener by pulling the manual release cord. With the door disconnected, open and close the door manually. The door should move easily with one hand, and hold any mid-way position by itself, supported by the spring(s). If the door creeps up or down slowly from a mid-way point, that’s not a problem.

If you find the door isn’t easy to move, the first step is to clean and lubricate the door track, rollers, and hinges to remove the stickiness. If that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to call a professional technician. If the door moves too quickly up or down, by itself, that would indicate an imbalance. This imbalance should also be fixed by a trained technician. If the door is balanced and moves easily, there’s no problem, so you can reconnect the opener and carry on.

Make Sure That Your Door Is Horizontally Aligned

The garage door rolls up and down on a set of tracks which should be fully aligned, however impacts, wear and tear, loosening hardware, etc., can cause them to go out of alignment. When this happens, the door may not open and close smoothly, could bind or jam, or leave gaps and rub against moldings. This is generally repairable; indeed, it is something you might be able to do yourself.

If your door is binding, you can try loosening the screws that hold the track to the door frame, and tap it back into alignment using a rubber mallet until it is straight and vertical (check with a level), and retighten the screws. Do this on both sides of the door.

If the door is rubbing or has a gap, the door tracks will need to be adjusted. You can loosen the track bolts (attached to brackets on both sides of the door) and try moving the tracks to center the door within the garage opening, usually leaving a small gap of about 7 mm between the door and molding, and then tighten the track bolts again.

These steps should bring your door back into alignment so that it opens and closes without rubbing or creating a gap. If you are hesitant about doing these tasks yourself, you might prefer to enlist the help of a professional technician.

Note: For safety reasons, never loosen any hardware or brackets connected to door springs, cables, or pulleys, all of which are under extreme tension or pressure.

Replace Rusty / Broken Parts

Your garage door maintenance regimen should include an overall inspection of all the parts of the system, including moving and stationary parts, and the door itself. Because many of the working parts, including springs, are made of metal, they can corrode. Any rusty, damaged, or broken parts should be replaced, by a professional if necessary. Regular cleaning, and lubrication of moving parts, will help prevent corrosion and keep the repairman away. A little lubricant applied to the lift spring also serves to inhibit rusting.

Change Cables Once in 10 Years

Garage door cable

It is especially important to regularly inspect all garage door parts under tension, not only the main spring(s), but also bottom brackets, cables, and particularly cable ends (loops). These parts are most critical not just for reliable operation of the door, but also for safety. A light amount of surface rust on these parts may be cleaned off, but any significant corrosion or damage needs to be taken seriously. We strongly advise contacting a professional repair technician to replace these parts, if needed.

Bottom garage door attachment

Replace Broken Rollers

Garage door rollers allow the door to follow the track smoothly as it is raised and lowered. The rollers are considered a wear item, so maintaining them is important, and periodic replacement may be required. When rollers don’t slide well, or seize up, the door may bind or become difficult to lift.

Servicing the rollers is one of the easier maintenance tasks on a garage door, something many homeowners could do themselves. Often a sticky, noisy, or seized-up roller can be freed up with a good cleaning and lubrication. If rollers are broken and must be replaced, they’re fairly inexpensive, and you can do them one by one. (Don’t remove them all at once.)

Clean & Lubricate The Tracks (Rails)

Garage door track

In order to ensure the garage door rolls up and down smoothly, the tracks (rails) should be kept free of accumulated debris. The rails themselves don’t need a lot of lubrication, as too much oil will only attract dirt and debris, but cleaning is important.

Screws / Washers / Bolts Tightening

Screws, nuts, and bolts in any mechanical system tend to loosen up over time, and your garage door has a lot of them, particularly on the hinges, brackets, and rails, which may need tightening or replacement.

Loose screws are simple to fix, but can lead to bigger problems if ignored, so it’s important to inspect these parts often. Perform a general door inspection first, to make sure there are no broken parts, and then you can proceed to tighten up all the screws – not overtight, just snug – and replace any that are missing, including washers.

Lubricate Hinges, Rollers & Brackets

All moving mechanical parts of your garage door system should be routinely lubricated, and we suggest special attention be given to rollers and pins, door hinges and brackets, and the pulley assembly. This can be done 2-3 times a year for best results. Use a lubricant such as WD40 (oil-based), but avoid getting oil on the opener belt (if belt-driven) or weather stripping. Also, as with the other parts, try not to put too much lubricant in order to minimize the accumulation of dust and dirt that oil attracts.

Loose Chain / Belt (Opener Drive Shaft)

Remote control and keypad

A garage door opener chain or belt that has become loose (slack) over time may cause rough and noisy operation. In worst cases, it saps power from the opener and may even slap the door as it moves it. In such circumstances, you should have the chain or belt tightened up. If there’s no other problem with the door, handy homeowners could probably do it themselves, but you can always call a professional to make the necessary adjustments if needed.

To begin, close the garage door, inspect the chain (or belt) to make sure it isn’t damaged, shut off the power supply to the opener, and disconnect the door from the opener (by pulling the release handle). The chain (belt) tension can then be adjusted using two nuts on a threaded shaft (adjustment bolt) located on the inner trolley (carriage assembly). We suggest you consult the owner’s manual for your model of the opener for more specific instructions. Be sure not to tighten too much, just remove excessive slack, and snug up the nuts again afterwards. Then you can reconnect everything, and you’re finished.

Clean & Align The Opener Sensors


If your garage door opener won’t respond to remote control commands to close, or automatically reverses as it nears the bottom, the issue is most likely related to the photoelectric safety sensors. It’s usually an easily resolved problem, such as the sensors being blocked by obstructions, bumped out of alignment, or covered with dirt. It’s also possible, though less likely, to have wiring issues, either being defective or perhaps corroded connections.

To avoid these problems, we suggest a regular maintenance regime that includes cleaning the area all around the sensors, removing obstructions, wiping clean the lenses, inspecting the wiring, and finally re-checking the alignment of the sensors.

Change The Remote Control Battery

Remote control batteries can potentially last for years, but they’re inexpensive, so why take the chance on them not working at the most inopportune time – and isn’t that usually when such things fail? We suggest replacing the batteries in your remote control units and/or external keypad once a year to ensure dependability when you need it.

Weather Stripping & Bottom Rubber Seals

Weather stripping

Weather-stripping and bottom rubber seals fill the gaps around the edge of your garage door, creating a seal against the frame molding and floor, which helps keep out dust, debris, rain, snow, and cold air. The weather-stripping is generally a flexible material but can develop brittleness, cracks, and tears over time, resulting in gaps. Therefore, it is recommended to clean and inspect the weather-stripping at least once a year, particularly before cold weather sets in, and repair or replace it if needed.

AmPm Door Services

While home and business owners can perform some garage door maintenance tasks themselves, there are times when professional technicians are needed. The garage door specialists at AmPm Door Services are always available to offer prompt and friendly assistance with any situation you may face.

We do offer comprehensive garage door maintenance services, annual garage door tune-ups, and repairs for all makes and models. We also stock parts and accessories.

We can even do entire new installations if needed. All of our services are performed expertly, at a reasonable cost, and are backed by our guarantee. Whatever your garage door needs may be, don’t hesitate to call us.