Glass garage doors

Glass garage doors are something very special. They can enhance the beauty of your residential home or commercial building while still keeping your property secured at the same time. When you purchase a glass garage door from AMPM Door Services, it will have either a solid or acrylic aluminum frame of commercial quality.

This will ensure that it is durable enough to keep your property protected. As for the glass inside the frame, it will be extra strong tempered glass so that it won’t break as easily as normal glass. Best of all, the panels of the glass garage door are insulated and will help save you money on your power bill.

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In addition to glass garage door sales, AMPM Door Services will also perform your glass garage door repair as well. This can be a repair for houses or commercial properties from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Wherever you want your glass garage door installed, we will make your wish come true.

The cost of the installation and garage door for sale will be discussed during your free consultation with your trained expert. If you have a glass door that simply needs repair work or an entire replacement, let us know and we can arrange to have that taken care of for you quickly.

Glass Garage Doors for Residential Properties

Garage doors

Residential glass garage doors can serve many purposes. Not only can they enhance the beauty of your home, but they can also raise its market value in case you ever want to sell it. Just imagine turning on all the interior lights and having that illumination coming through the glass of your garage door. Any potential buyer wouldn’t be able to resist wanting to look inside. Just ask us about our supply of residential doors and we will present you with all available door options.

A Local Business? or A commercial Building?

Commercial glass garage doors are perfect for any business that wants to secure their merchandise while still letting people view it from the outside after the business is closed. As you can understand, commercial garage doors need to be set to a higher standard in terms of durability and reliability.

Commercial garage doors

AMPM Door Services only uses the very best grade doors for this purpose. The solid aluminum frame and panel, and tempered glass will deter any intruder or troublemaker. Also, you can get a special color for the aluminum panels, such as black anodized, dark cherry, brown, white, cherry, and more.

Call us today and make your appointment for one of the best upgrades you can ever give to your property.