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When it comes time to purchase a new garage door, homeowners may be forgiven for being overwhelmed by all the options available today. The knowledgeable professionals at AmPm Door Services would, of course, be pleased to guide you through the entire process of selecting exactly the right door for your particular needs, tastes, and budget.

But, we also know that modern consumers like to research products online and inform themselves on various aspects of their intended purchase before going to visit a prospective supplier. This is never a bad idea and often results in purchasers coming to see us with a pretty good sense of what they’re looking for already in mind.

This knowledge allows us to focus on remaining questions they may have, perhaps some technical aspects they’d like to dig into with our experts in installation or design, and, of course, to review the broad selection of door products we can offer to meet their unique requirements.

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Choosing A New Garage Door

Now, if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re one of those savvy buyers who like to inform themselves ahead of time, and we’ve created this post to get you started. We present here some of the principal options that you will be faced with in choosing new garage doors for your home, along with some points which may guide your research or help steer your questioning when you come to see us.

Since the garage door is a key component of any home, we think certain objectives are priorities for almost everyone. The new garage door is generally expected to enhance (or at least not detract from) the appearance and value of your home, to operate reliably, efficiently, and safely, with little maintenance, and to last for many years.

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Insulated or Non-Insulated Door

The choice of insulated vs. single-layer (non-insulated) door usually is guided by how you plan to use your garage, whether it’s attached or detached from your house, and if the garage is going to be heated or not.

Insulated doors are obviously much better at keeping the cold weather out, of particular interest in our Canadian climate. If you heat your garage in winter or use it year-round for a workshop, an insulated door is really essential. For attached garages, especially those with bedrooms located directly above, insulated doors are recommended to help reduce temperature fluctuations in the garage and minimize the opportunity for cold air to leak into the home.

You might also consider what articles you are storing in the garage and whether these items (beverages, canned goods, paint, hoses, etc.) may be sensitive to freezing. An insulated metal door tends to be quieter, too and has a more attractive interior than an uninsulated door (if that is important to you).

If you are thinking about going with an insulated door, there are two main types of insulation in use, polystyrene sheets, and foamed-in-place polyurethane, with the latter type resulting in better thermal properties for a given door thickness, as well as tending to be stronger and quieter.

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Garage Door Windows

After material and color, windows are the next most important choice you can make in terms of your garage door’s cosmetic appearance. There are many types and styles of garage door windows. Selecting a design which reflects your home’s architectural style, possibly to match other windows or doors in the home, can truly add to its curb appeal. Aside from the window shape and pattern, there’s a breadth of choices available in the type of glass itself, including clear, frosted, and tinted glass, and even specialized designs.

Of course, the other chief benefit of garage door windows is that they let natural light into the garage, this being especially useful if there are no other windows in the garage. This function must be balanced with any privacy or security concerns that you may have. In that case, you might find opaque or non-transparent glass alternatives to satisfy both requirements.

You may also consider single-panel or insulated (double-pane) windows. Finally, moving away from the subject of windows, decorative hardware can also be added to your door as a finishing touch.

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Door Material: Metal or Wood

Garage doors are available in a variety of materials, most falling into the broad categories of metal (usually steel, sometimes aluminum) or wood, each having pros and cons.

Steel doors are generally very durable, low-maintenance items, and tend to have longer warranties. Choosing steel gives you the option of a single-layer door, or one having an outside and inside layer with insulation sandwiched in between, the latter being far more energy efficient. Steel doors can rust if scratched or dented, whereas lighter aluminum will not rust but can dent more easily.

Wood Garage Doors Styles

Shoppers comparing steel doors should be aware that sheet metal thickness varies, as measured in gauge, for example, 24-gauge or 27-gauge. Without getting too technical here, a lower gauge means thicker and stronger steel. But, keep in mind the door construction including a number of layers is also important in determining the overall strength of the door.

Wood doors, on the other hand, have a more natural appearance which many homeowners prefer for their superior aesthetic and traditional appeal. The beauty and craftsmanship of a wooden door undoubtedly can make a great accent for the front of your home. Wood doors can come in virtually any design, and can also be stained to match other features of the home. But, wooden doors require greater maintenance, in particular, painting or staining to maintain the finish and prevent deterioration.

There are other options, as well, for example, some steel doors now mimic the look of wood by having wood grain fiberglass or similar surfacing (veneer or overlay) material, while retaining the other advantages of steel construction, at a lower cost than solid wood. Vinyl is sometimes used to make doors that won’t rust, fade, crack, or dent – however, they cannot be painted. Ultimately, steel and wood remain by far the two most common materials used in garage doors.

The quality of both steel and wood doors varies, and the price is often an indicator there. With consideration of the importance of sturdiness and durability, you don’t want something flimsy, so it’s usually best to avoid the lowest priced doors on the market. We suggest most purchasers will be well satisfied with a door in the mid-range of what’s available, or a premium door if you’re looking for something special.

Custom Garage Doors

In addition to the usual considerations discussed above, you might think about whether you have any custom needs with respect to your garage door.

There are new garage doors innovations which can enhance the safety of your door, for example, pinch resistant panels or hinges which are designed to help eliminate injuries caused by fingers getting caught in door panel joints while the door is closing. Or, maybe you need a super-extra quiet door because one spouse leaves earlier in the morning or you have teenagers that return late at night. Such considerations may well factor into your ultimate decision.

The General Cost of New Garage Doors

Garage door pricing will vary widely according to several factors, including door size, strength, material, window style, insulation value, level of customization, etc. Prices can go from just a few hundred dollars for a basic, window-less, uninsulated metal door to several thousand dollars for a premium, highly-customized wood door.

The total price including installation will also depend on installation-related factors, including potentially new tracks, hardware, framing, wiring, etc. We do strongly recommend that you budget for professional installation because installing a garage door is a big job that involves heavy lifting and specialized technical know-how.

It’s best to talk to our sales professionals who are trained to guide you through the selection process, asking all the right questions to help you find the right door for your home, at a price that fits within your budget.

The garage door specialists at AmPm Door Services, are always available to offer friendly advice on these and other choices you can make with respect to your new garage door installation, based on your budget, style preferences, and other points. We have been selling, installing, and servicing garage doors for many years. We service and repair all brands of garage door openers you may require.