Roll-Up Door

Roll-up garage doors are commonly used in the garages of residential homes. Commercial roll-up doors are also commonly used by businesses and come in many different shapes and sizes. AMPM Door Services offers installation services for residential and commercial use.

Insulated Roll-Up Doors

We are based in Toronto, Canada and have been doing this kind of work for decades. Whether you need fire rated doors, insulated roll-up doors or security doors, we can install any type of roll-up door that you need in your residential or commercial garage structure.

24 Hour Emergency Service
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In addition to installation services, AMPM Door Services also offers repair services for your existing garage doors. Perhaps there was an accident and your garage door got badly damaged, or maybe your garage door just doesn’t work anymore because of malfunctioning parts and components. When you call our team of experts for assistance, they can perform an emergency roll-up door repair service, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Roll-Up Garage Door Sales

The first step in a garage door installation is purchasing the garage door(s) that you need. AMPM Door Services offers a wide selection of garage doors that are suitable for residential and commercial properties. We have insulated roll-up doors to ensure that outside air doesn’t get into the garage. We have roll-up fire doors which help contain fire and smoke so that it doesn’t spread to other areas of your property.

Other door choices include those which pertain to security, high performance, long lasting and being extra energy efficient. When you call us to inquire about our overhead doors, we will recommend the best garage door based on the requirements you specify.

Commercial vs. Residential Use

There are many options for residential and commercial garage doors. You can choose whether you want to manually open the door or have an electronic garage door opener take care of the lifting and closing for you. Our range of finishes includes rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. With all the design, color, and material options to choose from, we have something for just about everybody.

Our garage doors will last for at least 50,000 cycles of opening and closing them. But, with regular maintenance and care, they can last a lot longer than that. Our installation technician can go over all the best ways to care for your new garage door so that you can get the most life out of it that is possible.