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The garage door plays an important role in your daily life; with it you have easy access into the garage with your car after a stressful day at work. All this is made possible sometimes by just a tap of a button to activate the effective lifting system of your garage door. However, it is very disappointing to have a broken spring in your garage door. Whenever the garage door doesn’t work, the fault is mostly as a result of a broken spring. Not to worry, our broken garage door spring replacement services will help you locate and repair all bad springs excellently.

Safety Tip: Don’t Pull The Emergency Release Wire When Your Door Isn’t Balanced or Stuck While Partially Open

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Once you contact us with your complaint, one of our technical professionals is immediately dispatched to your location. All repairs will be done within one working day – that is on the same day. It is at your location that we can ascertain the real cause of the problem. It can be a damaged torsion or extension spring. Since a couple of other factors can be responsible for a damaged garage door.

If the problem is indeed a broken spring, then a new high quality durable spring is what you need. And, this is our area of expertise, as a result of the number years we have been out there fixing broken springs. Our repair support is very fast and reliable.

So You Have a Broken Spring – What Next?

Once you suspect that your overhead garage door’s is faulty, the next thing you need to do is call on us. We will immediately respond and get to your location to handle things in a very safe, reliably and timely manner. What you must not do is to fix any of the parts yourself, because this act can lead into many dangers. Repairing the broken spring can lead to any or all of the following:

A spoilt spring is tensed leading to many problems if not handled with professional safety rules in place.

The spring can stretch out of your hands by accident leading to damage in any property around.

The weight of the garage door can accidentally fall on you, because of lack of experience leading to broken hands, broken limbs and other unfortunate mishaps.

To ensure your safety we advise that you quickly contact us to repair your broken spring – this is the most appropriate thing you should do next.

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Our Excellent Garage Door Spring Replacement Service Process

Whenever we get a call from you we immediately jump into action. A professional is sent to your location to help you solve the problem within the same day. It is imperative to acquaint you with our service procedures so that you will know upfront what to expect from us. When our company is contracted we:

Investigate and Evaluate Garage Door

We assume that the exact problem of the garage door is not known yet. As a result a proper investigation of the garage door is done to ascertain the real cause of the damage. This process is not difficult at all for our technical expert, reason being that he is trained with certifications to prove his expertise in the field.

If the fault is a broken spring as reported, then another set of enquirers ensues to know the exact type and measurements of damaged spring. This is necessitated by the fact that the part to be replaced must be of exact specification of the broken one from the manufacturer. Within this level of check our team of expert at your place would find out whether the spring is an extension or torsion type. The length and diameter of the spring is checked to know the exact part to be used as a replacement.

Springs are Accurately Fixed

Our team of professionals already have all genuine and durable parts with them to use for broken garage door spring replacement. Do you have 2 springs and one of them break? To ensure a perfect work is done, the two springs are need to be replaced because if one is faulty, the other might break down soon. This proves that our service is a trustworthy and durable one.

We try to avoid all complaints not desiring for you to callback with any problem after the part has been replaced. In summary we replace the double garage springs at once with the exact original and long lasting part, just like the ones that came with the garage door system from the manufacturers. Be sure not to get the replacement springs by yourself from hardware shops as this might not be exact fit needed, plus the fact that it might not be durable.

Testing of Replaced Springs

At the end of the repairs all parts of the work is tested to ensure that every replaced spring is accurately performing. You are required to be present to see to it that the whole garage door system is in order, before our technicians leave your place.

Warranty Available

At AmPm Door Services, spring replacement services come with full warranty of the labor and parts used. This means that if anything goes wrong with the service provided, the professional will come back and fix it without payment for as many as it will be required to get a perfect fit. This promises to be a fair bargain without risk for you. Contact us whenever your garage door needs repairs and we will rapidly respond with excellent service.