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Safety And Effectiveness

Garage doors are very important and should not be overlooked. After all, it opens up for you to drive in and out daily, keeping your car secured within its premises. But, an automatic door system like this has a lot of parts involved that should be properly maintained.

The spring is one of the vital parts of this system that needs proper professional care. The garage door spring installation services we provide ensures the safety and effectiveness of your garage door at an affordable cost.

Our services are rendered in a very timely manner, once contracted; the spring installment process begins and ends on the same day. This is made possible by out reliable and experienced team of professionals. You will need technical experts like us to handle this installation as it is very risky to do on you own.

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Do you know that the process is very rigorous because the springs could be tensed? Do you also know that if the right equipment is not used, if all safety cautions are not followed you could damage your limbs or hands in the process? The danger involved in doing it yourself is enormous; there can be an accident that might lead to the destruction of other things within the garage. Your safety is very important to us, and as such we have written this to properly educate you on the essentials of garage door spring installation services.

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The Function of a Garage Door Spring

The garage door spring has been mentioned several times, but, there is a need to highlight at this juncture the importance of this device. By this we will state what it is and the role it plays in the garage door system. The spring is the tool that ensures the easy movement of the garage door while opening or closing. It is essential because this door is very heavy and cannot be lifted without the spring installed.

Without the spring the garage door will become very heavy to move up or down. So, the garage door spring installation services we render will help to secure and maintain a perfectly strong spring that eases the weight of the door. It doesn’t matter whether your garage is using an automatic or manual door system; a good spring is needed to make each approach effective. Do not play down on such an extremely relevant part.

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The Essence of a Well-adjusted Garage Door

The spring balances the garage doors, making the lift system work as expected. A bad spring makes for an unbalanced door, leading to the damage of the lift system. So, when the door is well-adjusted and functioning well with strong springs, the life span of the garage door lift system is extended.

It is important at this point to reveal the fact that the lift system is highly expensive to replace and should be maintained by quickly replacing bad springs. Our team of experts are always available at your service to fix new springs within the same day. This will help avoid the problem of a spoilt lifting tool caused by a neglected broken spring.

It is cheaper to change springs and very expensive to change the lift mechanism. Another fact is that when the spring is bad, the garage door is not balanced (not well-adjusted) leading to a damaged lift. Don’t wait until you get into a more serious problem. Get quick help from us to install new springs so that your garage doors can always be well-adjusted/ balanced, with long lasting lift system. This is the essence of a well-adjusted garage door. Read more about our garage door spring adjustment services.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Install Springs Yourself

We have established the fact that springs should be installed as soon as possible. But, that does not mean that you should do it yourself, see the reasons for this:

The garage door is very heavy, with a total weight much more than 200 pounds. If the spring is faulty, this weight can pose as a great hazard.

The process of installing a spring requires you to remove the old spring. When this is not done properly, the heavy door can crash on you, causing an accident.

If the spring bounces out of your hands while trying to stretch it into position, it can seriously hit and damage your car and other items inside the garage. For your safety get professional help from us for your garage door installation services.

Best Place to Get Garage Door Springs

There are a lot of things involved in the installations of springs, and it is not good for you to get a spring by yourself from a hardware store. This is what we specialize in and we are available to help you get the right spring to fix because:

There is a need to get the type of spring that is equivalent to the weight of the garage door. The spring’s strength should be directly proportional to the door’s weight.

Springs found at most hardware stores are not durable. We come to your location to measure the size (that is diameter and length) of the former spring before picking its exact match to install. Other parts of the system are evaluated too.

We come to your location with all the types of springs. The exact fit is used for your garage door whether torsion or extension springs.

Finally, the garage door spring installation services that we offer come with warranty for both labor and the parts used. We are presenting this risk-free service to keep you and your garage door safe always.