The garage door track is a special device that is used to align into proper position all garage doors that hang above. When there is a problem with this feature, it causes stiffness to the door, making it difficult to open.

This is one of the most challenging problems encountered with garage doors. It is not good for it to be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, the garage door becomes difficult to pull down, and when it is too loosed the door drops down on its own. It is imperative as such to quickly get garage door track repair from a company like ours so as to resolve all these difficulties.

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Garage door track

Fast Repair Services

We offer a fast response garage door track repair that is tailored towards quickly resolving all the problems and stress involved. But, before proceeding let us take a deep look into the technicalities of the garage door track. This device is hooked to the door frame with the aid of brackets. Its terminals are firmly fixed to the ceiling, held in place with steel channels. This device is the most crucial part of the overhead garage door, so, it should be treated with much care.

When tracks are placed in parallel alignment, they perform better. The track is responsible for the movement of the garage door into weather-strip. If there is a large distance between the door jamb and the track, then there will be a gap existing between the garage-door and weather-strip. Garage door track often becomes faulty as a result of the following:

When you neglect your rollers without constantly lubricating them.
When the footing or jamb of the garage door becomes decomposed.
If there are issues of a disconnection in the drum or cable of the door system.
When the vertical track is scrapped.
When the composing metal of the track is spoilt.

Maintenance Tips

All of these should be avoided to maintain the durability of the garage door track. If you have not consistently oiled the rollers, then be sure to have a bad track. But this can be handled by our experts if you call for our services. When our technician gets to your location, he will quantify the level of damage done and begin with the repair using these steps:

The technician will use genuine lubricating oils like a light oil, silicon oil or aerosol to properly lubricate all moving segments of the garage door system with its track on each side as well. Because we are professionals doing the work, we know from experience what to lubricate and the parts to avoid. Our engineer will ensure the adequate lubrication of the hinges and the rollers as this play an essential role in the system. The better the job, the better the performance, every essential part will be greased.

Our attendant at your home will need to replace the horizontal and vertical tracks. This activity can only be done by professionals like us. And it takes a lot of skill and expertise to successfully complete the job. That is why you hired us to do what is seemingly impossible for you. With our expert team the work involved in very easily done, with the highest degree of precision.

And then the broken track is fixed by our representative at your location. This will take him a lesser amount of them to accomplish because it is procedure he has done severally in most of our offsite locations. Our garage door repair services are unequivocally perfect when it relates to the tracks. So many other customers commend the ease and precision with which we work. After every repair, the garage door system works so well, as good as new.

We never forget to test all work done to ensure every part was fitted properly, without missing out any detail. The testing phase ends with our customer’s confirmation and attestation. When you are satisfied with the work done, then we are too. It is as simple as that.

Did we mention that our technicians will come well equipped? They come with all genuine parts that may be used. These garage door parts and accessories are directly supplied by the manufacturers. We do not advise you to purchase garage door parts yourself. These tools might look good, cheap and really fast to use but can easily break. What is the profit there? None whatsoever, it will be a total waste to spend money on a piece of hardware from the shop only to have it broken again after few months. So, trust the fact that all the hardware we come with are long lasting as our other customers say.

Affordable Prices

Our track repair service is very cost-effective. This is because we always consider you and your budget in our pricing. Our services are in different categories, each one with a varying price. Understand that all prices are very affordable with discounts available for returning clients. We constantly give a warranty for all repair services done at your location.

This includes a warranty for all the hardware tools used and another one for the labor input during installation, adjustments or repair work. We are offering a total risk-free expert repair service from a team of certified professionals with a valid license.