Greater Toronto Area

AMPM Door Services is a premier door repair service provider for the Greater Toronto Area. Our licensed and experienced technicians have been repairing and replacing all types of doors for several years now.

We can handle any kind of door repair job, whether it is a commercial or residential door that is worn out or has been burglarized. The best part is that we are always open to take your phone call and to satisfy your service request in a timely manner.

All services that we provide come with a full warranty. That is how confident we are that you will be satisfied with our work.

Tri Cities Ontario

Tri Cities Ontario

Garage Door Repair

If you own a home or operate a commercial business in the Greater Toronto area and it has a garage door that is not working properly, then you may need the services of a garage door repair company like ours. In most cases, a garage door problem will involve worn out cables or springs that need to be replaced. If you have any automatic openers for your garage doors that are malfunctioning, we can repair those as well. In extreme circumstances where you have garage doors that cannot be repaired because they are too old or damaged, we can replace them with new doors at your request.

Residential Door Services

Residential doors are the doors in houses, apartments, trailers, and any other type of residential property. When a residential door or its frame gets damaged, it is usually the result of a break-in where someone aggressively kicked or banged in the door. AMPM Door Services can offer you a door break-in repair service any time of the day or night. We offer a 24-hour emergency hotline where you can get in touch with our customer service representatives to schedule an immediate repair service call. Within the hour, we will send a technician out to fix your residential door. If your door frame has also been damaged, we can perform door frame repair too.

Commercial Door Repair

Commercial businesses usually have more durable and sophisticated doors than residential homes do. However, this doesn’t mean that burglars won’t try to gain unlawful commercial entry into your building. They may try more aggressive ways of getting through your doors, especially if they are made from aluminum glass. If you notice any damage or flaws to your commercial doors, you are going to want to fix them immediately so that your customers or clients don’t get scared away. AMPM Door Services can repair commercial entry doors any time of the day or night just like with the residential doors.

Sliding Door Services

If you have a patio door or any other type of sliding door, then you know how susceptible it is to break or not sliding properly. The reason for this usually has to do with the rollers or handles becoming too worn out. Remember that each time you slide the door left or right, it wears these components just a little bit. The locks will also get worn too if you are constantly locking and unlocking the door. If you need any of these components repaired on your sliding door or patio door, let us know and we will send the right technician to perform the job quickly and efficiently.

Locksmith Services

Door lock repair is not something that can wait for tomorrow. If you want to keep your residential or commercial property safe from outside intruders, your doors need to have functioning locks on them at all hours of the day and night. Otherwise, a burglar could take advantage of a malfunctioning lock and simply open the door without much effort at all. Then they will have full access to your property without having to damage anything. As soon as you notice a bad lock on your door, call AMPM Door Services and we will send a 24-hour emergency locksmith over to your property to fix that lock for you. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is secure once again.