Garage door parts

There are a lot of residential and commercial properties in Burlington, Ontario that have garage doors. If you own a property like this in Burlington and your garage door is having problems, AMPM Door Services is one of the few companies in this area that can repair your garage door any day of the week. We have skilled technicians in the field of garage door repair that can handle any task that you have, such as replacing cables to repairing tracks. Perhaps your garage door opener needs to be repaired. In some cases, your entire garage door might need to be replaced. To find out the right service for you, contact us to schedule an appointment and a serviceperson will come to your property to evaluate the condition of your garage door. From there, a recommendation will be given on the best possible way to fix it.

24/7 Emergency Repair

There are many reasons why a faulty garage door can be deemed an emergency. Aside from desperately needing to use your garage door for entry or storage purposes, it could also be quite a safety hazard to leave it in a malfunctioned state. The last thing you’ll want to risk is having someone try to force the garage door open or closed and then have it fall on them hard because of some worn out component. Fortunately, AMPM Door Services is available 7 days per week to perform emergency garage door repair jobs at commercial and residential properties. Contact us right away so we can help get your garage door back into a safe and healthy state.

24 Hour Emergency Service
1-(877) 525-2220

Garage door opener

Garage Door Openers

To most people, a garage door opener is just something where you press a button on a remote and the opener lifts the door open automatically for you. But you must realize that the opener is comprised of sensors, a belt, chain, and other components. If anyone of these components were to get worn out or not be maintained properly, then it will cause the entire opener to malfunction. Whatever the cause of the problem is, AMPM Door Services will find this problem and then fix it.

Broken torsion spring


Did the spring of your garage door snap? How about the cables? Perhaps the tracks are rusty or too worn out to allow a smooth movement of your garage door. Whichever of these situations are present in your garage door, they can be repaired with the help of AMPM Door Services. Just one phone call will get you a technician who knows how to perform this kind of repair job quickly and professionally.

Garage door

New Garage Doors

Need a new garage door? If your current garage door is in bad shape or you just don’t like it anymore for whatever reason, AMPM Door Services can replace it with a completely new and customized garage door that is to your liking. Call us to find out more.