Residential and commercial doors

Garage Doors

Garage doors are used almost on a daily basis which is why their parts wear out faster. Most of the time, it is the spring or the opener which needs to be replaced. However, there are many more things which can go wrong with the garage door. You can just give us a call and leave the rest of the details to us.

We identify the problem and find a solution which is economically viable. You can rely on us for providing 24 hour emergency garage door repair service at competitive rates. We will get to any locations in Halton Hills Ontario, within the same day you called us. We are able to replace broken springs or cables, and of course, we provide openers.

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Garage door parts

At AmPm Door Services we work around the clock to provide you with the fastest service with our emergency garage door repair in Halton Hill Ontario. No matter the time of day your repair specialist will come prepared with all the tools and parts to get your broken door fixed. A live agent is standing by to book your service 24/7.

Those mornings when your car is stuck in the garage or when your garage door won’t close don’t have to be extra stressful because you have AmPm Door Services to the rescue! We are local which means our technicians can get to you asap. For commercial garage doors, we can get to you quickly so you can continue to have a fully functional business day. Day, night and weekends we can help your fix any garage door issues you may have.

Opener Repair Services

At AmPm Door Services we have specialized technicians that can fix any garage door opener. It is essential that when fixing an opener the right parts are used. Aside from repairing your existing automatic garage door opener, we can also install a new opener to suit your daily usage needs and the size of your door.

We have a vary of openers and opener accessories to fit your budget. No hidden costs only affordability and the best quality. Contact us today and have one of our qualified technicians help you fix your broken opener. All of our opener repair services come with a full warranty on both labor or parts.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring repair is always followed by a replacement this is because the role of the spring is basically the most important when it comes to the opening and closing function and work until it completely fails and that’s why its snaps into two. The spring hold enough tension to pull the garage door up and down and when the spring is broken you will usually hear a big bang. Always call a trained garage door repair person to get the job done right and safe.

The technicians at AmPm Door Services are insured and trained properly. All garage doors have 1 spring and double doors have 2. There are many sizes of springs depending on the weight of your door. All technicians come fully stocked with residential and commercial door springs. Give us a call 7 days a week for all your garage door spring issues. We can change also faulty cables, tracks or rollers of any size. Call us today.

New Garage Doors

Having a beautiful garage door can add to your property value, curbside appeal and of course creating jealous neighbors! At AmPm Door Services we can help you achieve that look. We carry a vast variety of styles and colors to choose from. Aside from getting your desired look you can rest assure the garage door we professionally install will be the best quality and a smart investment.

With years of experience with our team of trained technicians, we can provide you with the highest quality of garage door installations. We can help you save on your heating costs by installing an insulated door to keep the warm air inside. AmPm is your local garage door company to service you at your convenience.

Front entry door

Residential Entry Doors

Homeowners tend to delay door repairs until the last moment in order to avoid expenses. This habit does more harm than good because with time, the condition of the door becomes worse and it is more difficult to repair. Spending a small amount on residential door repair now is better than spending a substantial amount on a complete door or frame replacement later.

You can get in touch with us if your bedroom, bathroom, patio and exterior doors require repair. We provide 24 hour repair service on all days of the week, anywhere on Halton Hills Ontario area.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

If the doors of your office or storefront drag and make noise or are broken and jammed, they leave a bad impression on your clients. You need to go for professional commercial door repair services to get the door repaired immediately. The sooner the malfunctioning is treated, the better it is for the smooth functioning of the commercial space. We provide commercial door repair and installation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We deal with steel, hollow metal, and aluminum glass doors of all sorts. We can also supply and install commercial door hardware or new doors. We are fully insured, and give warranty on all labor and parts installed.

Sliding door lock

Sliding And Patio Doors

Almost every house or office has a sliding door installed because it is easy to use. Shops make use of sliding doors at the entrance. In homes, sliding doors serve as patio doors. Sometimes the rollers of the door get stuck or the track gets released.

To resolve these problems, it is better to go for sliding door repair services to replace the parts which are damaged to avoid disbalancing of a door. We provide 24/7 sliding door repair service to our clients for all kinds of sliding doors. From rollers and tracks to locks and handles, we can replace and repair all of them. Contact us today for a free estimate over the phone.

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair in Halton Hills Ontario

Emergency door repair services become necessary when doors won’t open or close properly. These problems can occur in case of garage, residential and commercial doors. AmPm Door Services specializes in emergency door repair to ensure that the downtime is minimal. We cover Halton Hills, Ontario and provide a 24-hour emergency service when needed.

We respond within half an hour or at the most two hours to come to the rescue of people in door-emergency situations. Our technicians carry all the major parts with them to hasten the process of repair. You can give us a call when there is a break-in at your place, or the door is jammed to get quality and timely service.