Garage door parts

If you need a same day garage door repair job done at your commercial or residential property in Hamilton, Ontario, then AMPM Door Services can perform this repair job any day of the week 24 hours a day. Often times, there will be a defective component in the garage door that simply needs to be addressed. If the problem is more serious and requires repairing or replacing multiple components or perhaps replacing the entire door, we can perform this task quickly and professionally. Learn more about the garage door repair services that we offer below.

24/7 Emergency Repair

Most people wouldn’t think that a garage door problem is an emergency, but if you have experienced one then you understand why it can be. Many people depend on their residential or commercial garage door for gaining entry to their property or for storing their vehicles. If you cannot do this because your garage door is stuck or simply not opening, then it can cause real problems in your life. But you don’t have to put up with these problems because AMPM Door Services is available 7 days per week to help you through them.

24 Hour Emergency Service
1-(877) 525-2220

Garage door opener

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers have sensors, chains, gears, and other tiny components that most owners never think about. If you’re not lubricating the chain or regularly cleaning the sensors, don’t be surprised when you can’t open your garage door anymore. At AMPM Door Services, we have a team of technicians who specialize in garage door opener repair. They can repair just about any component, like the belt, chain, remote, sensors, and so on.

Broken torsion spring


The spring keeps your garage door aligned, the cables support all the heavy weight of your garage door, and the tracks make the door easy to slide open and closed. But if there is ever a problem with just one of these components, then it will throw the rest of them off and cause your garage door to perform poorly. The best thing to do is contact AMPM Door Services as soon as you notice one component causing problems. That way, we can repair the component before another one breaks or becomes faulty.

Garage door

New Garage Doors

Most people are happy with their garage doors. But if your door gets too damaged or you simply want an entirely different garage door model, then AMPM Door Services can perform this replacement job for you. We won’t rest until the door is customized and installed to your liking.