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AmPm Door Services is your leading garage door company specializing in delivering fast 24/7 garage door repair services in Pickering Ontario. The fastest response time for all commercial and residential garage door repair. No emergency is too big or too small for us. If you need fast repair just call our live support to book your appointment and get yours over the phone quote.

Getting your broken garage door fixed is our goal. Our friendly and professional technician come fully prepared to start working asap and have all standard parts with them at all times. Our made in Canada parts are durable and come under warranty once installed. Let us fix your door asap today.

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Garage door parts

Opener Repair Services

AmPm Door Services carry a wide variety of parts to fix your broken automatic garage door opener. Sometimes all it is replacing a broken part to get your opener working again. Our technicians can expertly service, repair and install new garage door openers.

At AmPm Door Services we carry the best in quality and durable power openers with withholding the daily use of residential and commercial.With a fully stocked work vehicle, we can have your opener fixed on the spot. Experts can troubleshoot the issue and pinpoint exactly why your garage door is not working.Call us today for your same day appointment.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door has snapped and your car is stuck inside or outside. Count on AmPm Door services to get your spring replaces asap. You might have heard a loud noise or a big bang. Springs hold the weight of a heavy garage door, we recommend that trained experts, fix the issue for you. Because not every door is the same weight there are different sizes of torsion springs and your technician will come prepared to fix your broken spring on the spot with our same day service in residential and commercial.

Torsion springs are located at the top and extension springs are found on the sides.We recommend that you replace both springs if your door fits 2 cars. The fact you have one broken spring means the other one is at its breaking point as well. Call us today for your affordable and safe garage door spring replacement today. We servicing Pickering Ontario area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If your garage door cable snapped or came out of the bottom attachment, leave the door as is, and don’t try to open or close it, as the other intact cable carries the entire weight of the door. We will change it for you, with durable new cables.

New Garage Doors

At AmPm Door Services we take great pride in our business and give you only the best service and quality work at the best prices. Reliable service, dependable trained technicians and affordable doors. We can help you with all your new garage doors installations.

We supply and install only the best doors, Why? We have a wide variety of colors, different panel styles and modern to classical window panel options.Having an insulated door is another great choice, saving you money on heating costs because it will keep the warmth inside. Call us today and let us help you choose the new garage door and help you stay within your budget.

Front entry door

Residential Entry Doors

Time to lament over broken doors is over! Whenever you face challenges because an entrance door is too stiff or it has been displaced or even hanging from its hinges, always remember that you have a caring partner that has come up with comprehensive ideas on how to fix door problems at our customers’ convenience and a friendly cost. So we are destined to fix any faulty or doors in your residential areas and ensure that we do it within the shortest time possible. Our company is reliable and trusted since we have a positive track record over the duration that we have offered our services. Our advantage is that you will always get us through whenever you contact us.

Our team is made up of people who are friendly, and who handle the clients with a lot of care. Furthermore, our team has enhanced skills with high- level qualification and experience which makes them perform a ‘sparkling clean` job. Whenever you contact us, our first step is to reach to you immediately and check on the status of your door, either front or entrance door or any other door at your home. After this, we diagnose the problem and determine the next course of action. This enables us to fix the door at your own convenience.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

Our business premises always need adequate protection to ensure that no intruder gains access. This helps to prevent any theft or losses to be incurred. However, this is usually limited when doors hang out of the hinges or they get displaced from their track. Our company offers a lasting solution to these problems by offering commercial door repair services in Pickering Ontario. We are also able to access various types of doors which include Aluminum, glass, steel and other metal doors. Whenever your commercial door is faulty you can contact us and we don’t hesitate to attend to our clients.

Sliding door lock

Sliding And Patio Doors

Our company has shown expertise and professionalism in fixing doors that are modern and fancy. We offer sliding door repair services and at the same time patio door services. In addition to this, we usually have great access to all the spare parts and new and latest slide doors.

Our technical team is trained in such a manner that they fix the doors with the finest precision such that the chances of the door hanging out being displaced from its track is very minimal. We are always available to offer our door services because this is what we specialize in. We always value our clients.

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair in Pickering, Ontario

Have you ever experienced an emergency involving your doors? This includes residential and commercial locksmith services for any type of door. This can be stressing and can sometimes put you off. This occurs when one of your doors becomes too stiff to close or cannot close at all.

This is even worse when it occurs in late hours and you really wonder what to do. Sometimes the door becomes displaced from its hinges or from its tracks. All these are problems that can arise in every homestead or occur to anyone. This is why our company came up with the best ideas to provide a solution to these problems, 7 days a week, anywhere in Pickering Ontario area including the eintire Regional Municipality of Durham. AmPm Door Services is always available and you can easily get us just by contacting the customer care.

Fast Locksmith Services

We have the best mobile locksmith service that is trained and has relevant skills in repairing any broken door locks at whatever time that is convenient for you. Our team is the best partner when it comes to these problems since we always respond quickly and our technicians always respond promptly ensuring that the kind of services you get are world class and you can never get them anywhere. We always update them with knowledge and skills and in addition to that, our company has access to any spare part that you will need.