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Garage Doors

Call your local garage door experts at AmPm Doors Services. We are open to serve you 7 days a week for all your emergency garage door repair services in Richmond Hill Ontario. Is your door slanted? Or won’t open? Our technicians do not want you to wait all day to get your broken garage door fixed because we are ready to help.

Call day or night and speak to someone directly to get a trained technician on the way to your residence or commercial property was broken door fix on the spot. We are your local company and that means we can give you the best prices and can come to your property asap and make your garage door work like new again. No job is too big or too small at any time of day. Call us now because we are open 7 days a week! We cover the entire Richmond Hill area.

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Garage door parts

Opener Repair Services

Whether you are inquiring to change your older garage door opener or maybe your unit needs a repair call us at AmPm Door Services. We have the automatic garage door opener you’re looking for. At AmPm Door Services we only carry the best quality at unbeatable prices. All installations and repairs come with a warranty.

Our expert technicians can show you what unit is best for your garage door from belt drive to chain drive we have what you’re looking for. Along with the unit, we have many accessories you can add on such as extra remotes, keypad, sensors and a model that you can allow you to control the function thru your smartphone. Call us today for your same day installation.

We also provide emergency opener repair services for most of the models or brands commonly installed. We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all Richmond Hill areas.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Is your torsion spring snapped? call us at AmPm Door Services to get a trained technician to replace your broken spring. The function of a spring is that it pulls the door open and closes the garage door therefore when it snapped your door will not open and close the way it should. When you see your broken spring do not try tamper with the function of your door because a spring holds tension and once released it can swing up and slam shut damaging your door more or can harm you.

Call a professional company that has trained technicians that have proper tools to get the spring replaced right and safe! At AmPm door services we can come right way to your residential or commercial property asap with all the different sizes to replace it on the spot.


If one of your cables snapped out of the door itself, don’t open or close the door, you better leave it as is, and have a local garage door company do the job for you. Cable replacement job might seem to be very easy, but it is also very risky, as the other cable which is intact carries twice the tension.

New Garage Doors

Want to your existing garage door? Call AmPm Door Services today and we can get you started to help you choose a beautiful door. With many standard colors and modern to classic panel styles we can get you the garage door you desire while keeping you in your budget. All new garage door installations come with brand new hardware such as new tracks, springs, and cables. We only carry the best parts of last decades to come.Looking for an insulated garage door to help you save money on heating costs? we can provide you with a high-quality insulated door to keep the warm in. Call us and we can help you choose the best garage door for your home.

Front entry door

Residential Entry Doors

Our company deals professionally with problems involving either front entrance doors or interior doors. There is always that ugly look in doors that hang in hinges, deviate from the track or wear. Such doors also cause threatening of security as intruders can easily get access to the compound and house. You can easily contact us anytime and we usually respond immediately to calls. We are equipped with fixing door problems and we usually do it better than anyone else does. Our skills are sharp and once we do it the door cannot develop similar problems later such as stiffness and difficulties while closing. Our technical team is usually equipped with relevant skills and knowledge when it comes to door services.

We also have experience in this work and whenever we attend to you, you always feel the need to work with us again. We are more advantaged than any other service provider since we can easily access spare parts or even new doors whenever our clients need them. The parts have been used and tested and found to be original. Our team first diagnoses the main problem affecting the door and then fixes it. Therefore, our services have been found to be incomparable with any other service provider.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

Commercial doors can break at any time regardless of whether it is late night or in the middle of busy days. However, when this happens you have your partner; AmPm Door Services. We are the best company that offers commercial door repair services in Richmond Hill ON. We usually respond immediately and ensure that we offer quality services.

Whenever the commercial entry doors in your business premises break up or become faulty, this can lead to a security threat to your business since intruders can easily access your business. Therefore our company is committed to ensuring that we fix those problems at your convenience. From aluminum glass doors to steel and metal door frames, we can repair it all, 7 days a week. Furthermore, we have access to genuine door parts such as high-security locks and handles.

Sliding door lock

Sliding And Patio Doors

Our company has a team of experts that attend to breakages in sliding doors. Sliding patio doors are usually made of various types materials such as aluminum frame and glass. They are found in various places, such as households, banks and hotels. These doors can break or deviate from their track. Their rollers, tracks or locks can also break down sometimes and a replacement part is needed on the same day especially when it comes to exterior sliding doors.

Our company is well equipped and has a technical team which has relevant skills to ensure that quality fixing of these doors is done. Our technicians are regularly trained in these skills to ensure that they offer the best services that cannot be offered elsewhere.

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Do you always worry when you are faced with emergency issues involving your doors? These emergencies either involve residential, commercial, garage or sliding doors. You should not worry anymore. This is because most of your problems can now be solved by your trusted local door company. You may have heard about AmPm Door Services but if you have not, you are not late either.

Our company is experienced in offering emergency door repair services in Richmond Hill Ontario area. It is a reliable company and trusted in its services. We offer quality services and within a short time. Our response is commendable and you can easily get in touch with us anytime and our customer care team is always alert and ready to attend to our clients.

Our technical team is composed of disciplined, professional and highly qualified people who ensure quality repair services. We are always available at any time to offer our quality services. We provide our services to the entire Regional Municipality of York including Aurora, Newmarket, Markham and Vaughan. We have trained our technical team in relevant skills and also do retraining regularly to ensure that our skills are relevant in the modern world. You should not worry about any door type because our company is always alert to respond to emergencies involving any door type. We are also able to access any spare part that you need.