Garage door parts

Are you having problems with your garage door or garage door opener? Is your garage door getting stuck or simply not opening or closing at all? Whatever situation is happening with your garage door, rest assured that AMPM Door Services is available 7 days per week to repair any garage door problem that you have. Our team of experts has been servicing both residential and commercial clients in Stratford, Ontario for many years now. If you own property in Stratford which has a garage door that needs fixing, then contact us today to schedule an appointment for our serviceperson to come out and evaluate the situation.

24/7 Emergency Repair

Garage door emergencies happen more often than you think. All it takes is a cable to snap, a spring to break, or an engine to malfunction for real problems to occur when you try to use your garage. If you depend on the use of your garage to sustain your commercial or residential activities, then you need to hire AMPM Door Services to perform an emergency garage door repair job for you. Most of the time, there is just one or two components that need to be repaired or replaced, so it shouldn’t take too long to get it done.

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Garage door opener

Garage Door Openers

AMPM Door Services specializes in many areas of garage door repair, including garage door opener repair. You probably enjoy the convenience of pushing a button on your garage door remote and having the door just lift open on its own. Well, this convenience will be short-lived if its chain, belt, or any other component of the opener needs to be repaired or maintained. If you come across a problem with your opener for whatever reason, our team of professionals can repair it promptly.

Broken torsion spring


Do you have a misaligned garage door? Maybe the weight of the door is not being supported properly by the cables? Either that or maybe you’re having problems closing the door smoothly because the tracks are worn or rusty? Whatever problem is going on with your garage door spring or cables, AMPM Door Services can solve the problem. You may need a new spring or cable to get your door working properly again. We can perform a job like this on the same day we visit your property.

Garage door

New Garage Doors

What makes a garage door special is the material it is made from and its design. You may find that your current garage door doesn’t appeal to your liking or perhaps it doesn’t do a good enough job insulating the inside. In any case, a new garage door is not out of the question and it is easier to get done than you think. Just contact AMPM Door Services to inquire about such a job and we will have a technician out there promptly to analyze the situation and give you an estimate of the cost.