Residential and commercial doors

Garage Doors

The garage door serves many purposes. For most people, a garage is where they enter their building and/or store their vehicle. If you don’t have a functional garage door, then it could create a real big inconvenience in your life. Fortunately, our garage door repair services in Streetsville ON can save the day and get you out of this bad situation. In some cases, you may have garage doors which are completely damaged or unsalvageable. If we find this to be the situation, we can replace your old garage doors with new garage doors.

Is your car stuck in the garage door? Or is your garage door unable to close? Look no further and give the professionals at AmPm Door Services a call to get a skilled technician to your residence or commercial property asap! With the fastest response time in the Streetsville Ontario area, we are your best choice to get your broken garage door fix right. We can replace any broken parts on the spot. From broken garage doors springs, snapped cables or openers that won’t turn on.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergency repairs and installations. Small or big repairs we always have the material, parts, and tools to fix your garage door. Give us a call day or night and speak to a staff member to get someone to you today.

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Garage door parts

Opener Repair Services

At AmPm Door Services we have the best automatic garage door openers available. We only get the best unit for our valued customers and provide durable units that can last decades with proper maintenance. All installations come with a warranty along with our great prices. Our 24/7 emergency repair services available for all Streetsville areas.

There are basic units for minimum usage and unit that come with more than 1 remote, keypad, push-button entry, battery back up and for the tech savvy a garage door opener that can work with your smartphone. Not every door is the same that’s why we have different motor sizes and chain or belt drives. Call us today let us help you find a new opener.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

The most used part of your garage door is a torsion spring and at AmPm Door Services we have the highest quality of springs to replace your broken spring. A garage door opens hundreds of times in one year that’s why we want the most durable spring.

Hire only a reputable garage door company to install your new spring. It’s not a repair anyone can do with no knowledge or proper tools. If not installed properly it can damage the door more or injure the individual attempting to replace it. All of our technicians are insure and fully trained.


Garage door cables linking from the springs to the door itself via pulleys (drums). If you called a technician over for a broken spring replacement, ask him to verify that there is no rust on the bottom or your cables.

New Garage Doors

Let one of our staff members at AmPm Door Services help you choose the perfect door for your home. Top quality garage doors installed with brand new hardware an option to add a garage door opener. We are your one stop for all your garage door needs.

Have a tight budget but need a new garage door? No worries we can help you stay within your limit. From a classic look to a modern style let us help you. A variety of colors and decorative window panels we have something for your home. Want to upgrade your worn down door? A beautiful insulated door will give you the look you desire and save you money with heating costs. More info

Front entry door

Residential Entry Doors

Our residential door repair services are available whenever you have a faulty or damaged door in your home. In many cases, the door frame will be responsible for why your door doesn’t close or open properly. AMPM Door Services will perform a door and frame repair job if this is the case.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

The doors of your commercial properly are being used frequently. Customers and/or employees are likely coming in and out of your business establishment every couple of minutes. All this wear and tear on the doors will eventually catch up to it. The first thing you may notice is a door starting to come off its hinges.

This is not a situation that you’ll want to leave alone or else your door will become totally unusable. It will also be vulnerable to intruders who want to take advantage of your faulty door.

Our commercial door repair services are available with just one phone call. We’ll have a technician there within the hour to fix your hinges and whatever other problems there are with your door.

Sliding door lock

Sliding And Patio Doors

A lot of new homes have a sliding patio door somewhere, especially if you live in the south. These doors are constructed with sliders and rollers to allow them to slide smoothly to the left or right. If you were to have damaged rollers or tracks, then you would need to have them replaced or else you won’t be able to slide your door so smoothly. With our sliding door repair services, we can fix or replace whatever components are causing problems with your sliding door.

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair in Streetsville, Ontario

Emergencies happen all the time in life, even to the doors on our property. You may have a door which was damaged or destroyed as the result of a break-in. Either that or you may have had an accident with your door which has made it completely malfunction. Doors are very important to keep functional and sturdy at all times because they secure your property from unwanted intrusion. If you have a door that can’t do this, then this is an emergency that must be addressed.

If you need an emergency door repair service in Streetsville Ontario, then AMPM Door Services is here to help. We can provide same-day repair service anywhere in Mississauga area to you within an hour after you call.