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Garage Doors

Find yourself in search of a reliable garage door company that open now? Look no further at AmPm Door Services we are open 7 days a week for all your emergency repairs and installations for residential or commercial.

Having your car stuck in the garage should not mean to waste the whole day waiting around when we can send a professional technician that can come asap and get your fixed on the spot! The come prepared with the best parts to get the job done right at the best prices day or night. Call and speak to one of our staff members to set your appointment today. We provide fast garage door repair services in Willowdale Ontario area, with a fast 24/7 emergency response. We have the right tools and carry high quality and durable replacement parts such as cables, spring or complete openers.

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Garage door parts

Opener Repair Services

Interested in getting a new garage door opener? Need a fast repair service in Willowdale, ON? AmPm Door Services we carry the main top brands that are always the current on the market. Always upgrading our inventory so you have the best selection when you want a new garage door opener. Not every door is the same and our staff can help you decide on the best opener for your daily usage.

A garage nowadays is used very often as the main exit and entrance points of a home and in this case, you need a durable door with security features such as secured access entry, battery backup and an opener that is connected to your smartphone. Our garage door opener repair services available in Willowdale Ontario 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

At AmPm Door Services we stand behind all of our repairs and installations with warranty because we do not cut corners on durability, quality, and safety. When it comes to replacing your broken torsion spring we have the right technicians to install it correctly.

If a spring is installed incorrectly it can lead to a damaged door or injure the person attempting the repair. Trust the professionals at AmPm Door Services we are fully trained and insured. It is recommended that when there are two springs they should both get replaced because they should be at the same tension level when lifting the garage door.


We recommend everyone to change the cables once every 7-10 years. Make sure that the cables are not rusty on the bottom end where they connect to the door itself. We provide cable replacement services 24/7. the cables we use a thick and durable, and we give a full warranty for both labor and parts.

New Garage Doors

Want a company for all your garage door needs? From the start to end we are your local choice for new garage door installation to any repair to your door or motor. Looking to give your house a lift and change your existing door? We have a variety of stand colors and up to date modern design panels. Dozens of window styles to fit a single or double garage door.

A popular choice is to get an insulated garage door because it can save you money during the different seasons Canada endures. Helping you stay within your budget and get the desired look you want is our goal at AmPm Door Services.

Front entry door

Residential Entry Doors

The doors in residences may look nice, but they’re often prone to getting damaged or becoming malfunction. Often times, this has a lot to do with the door frames more than anything else. If the door frame is damaged and the hinges are loose, then it throws off the alignment of the door. In this case, you could hire us for a door frame repair service. This will get your door back in good shape. But, if the problem is with the actual door itself, then our residential door repair services will fix the damaged or faulty door within a short period of time.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

Commercial doors are often made of thick durable metal or steel. However, this doesn’t prevent them from coming off their hinges after they’ve been used excessively for a while. If you have commercial doors that are off their hinges or any other damage or problems with your doors, then you need our commercial door repair services to fix all these issues immediately. Otherwise, your business could suffer the consequences of having faulty doors in it.

Sliding door lock

Sliding And Patio Doors

Sliding doors have rollers that help slide the doors along smoothly. People love having a sliding patio door for this reason. But, these components can easily get damaged from excessive use or from accidental banging. If this happens, our sliding door repair services are available to fix any damage and replace the rollers if necessary. Then, your sliding door will be back to working smoothly once again.

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair in Willowdale, Ontario

Are you looking for a 24/7 door repair service for your garage, commercial or residential entry door? AmPm Door Services provides fast and reliable door repair and installation services and gives a full warranty on both labor and parts. Our services available anywhere in WillowdaleNorth York and the Greater Toronto area.

Problems can happen anytime with doors. The most unfortunate problem is when a break-in occurs, which leaves your door damaged and not able to open or close properly. This could make your home or business even more vulnerable to future break-ins if it is not taken care of promptly.

At AMPM Door Services, we can quickly perform emergency door repair services in Willowdale Ontario within an hour after you call us. We specialize in providing fast 24/7 jobs so that your property can be secured again as fast as possible.