We provide emergency locksmith services for homes, businesses and industrial buildings, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For an emergency locksmith service, call the following number and we will get back to you immediately.

1-(877) 525-2220

If you have reached your home or business, and you notice damage to the lock or your door has been kicked in, you may want to get away and call the police. The burglars may still be inside your home or business, and you should not confront them because they will do anything to escape. Our emergency locksmith services include the opening of houses, cars, or locked businesses. In case of locked doors, we will first try to pick the lock which means opening the lock without drilling and destroying the lock. If unlocking the lock is not possible, the lock can be drilled out and then we will open the door and install a new lock.

If you need a door lock repair or replacement service, we can solve the problem immediately since our locksmith will come to you with replacement locks to choose from in case the defective part of the lock cannot be repaired.

Locksmith at work

Residential Locksmith Services

The locks on your home doors must be in excellent condition at any given time. A loose lock or a lock that does not open easily can cause discomfort, especially in the case of front entry doors which are used frequently. In some cases, a broken lock will be a convenient target for burglars who are looking for doors with locks that can be opened very quickly. Burglars prefer to avoid a lock that is difficult to open.

If the key to your home is stuck in the lock and you are unable to remove it with reasonable force, do not try to remove it by using a lot of force. An experienced locksmith will be able to prevent the key from being broken inside the lock and this will save you from replacing it with a new one. We will be able to install or replace locks that are installed in wood, aluminum, glass, or steel doors, by using dedicated tools that are easy to use.

The regular locks that are on standard residential exterior doors do not prevent burglaries through the door by kicking the frame, and it is important to secure your home’s exterior doors. The truth is that even a 15-year-old boy can kick-in your door easily. If you need a professional and experienced home locksmith, contact us and we’ll get to you on the same day. We can carry out the repair and replacement of locks for houses of all types. We can work on locks for exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage doors, and sliding glass doors.

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Commercial Locksmith Services

Locks or door handles of commercial front doors should be in good condition always. Door handles in certain businesses are not only available for door locking and security, but they are also regularly used more often than in homes.

When commercial locks are broken or do not close well, it may cause customers to feel that the business is not properly maintained. If there is a problem with the door or the lock in it, use the services of a trusted and fully insured commercial locksmith company.

We provide commercial locksmith services for businesses, offices, shops, and industrial buildings of all kinds. In emergency situations, such as doors that do not open or a door break-in, please indicate it on the call so that we can send you an emergency locksmith technician as soon as possible.

Front entry door

Door Lock Repair

An experienced locksmith could sometimes save you the replacement of a new lock by repairing the existing one instead. A lock repair service could involve reinforcing a loose lock or the completion of internal parts that have broken or fallen. We repair door locks and handles of all kinds, from commercial locks to the locks of homes and sliding patio doors.

Sometimes we get calls from customers for lock rapier service, but the actual problem is in the door frame or hinges. When the door is not balanced, the lock latch doesn’t enter the metal strike plate (on the door frame) and re-aligning the hinges or changing the position of the strike plate on the frame solves the problem without the need to replace the lock.

There are simple repairs that you can do on your own, but in the case of home locks that you do not specialize in or commercial locks for businesses that need to fit the door and its framework, we recommend you to use a professional door lock repair service, which will save you quite a bit of time.

Door installation project

Door Lock Replacement

If you need a door lock replacement service for your home or business, we will send you a locksmith on the same day and replace the lock with a new compatible lock including a matching set of keys.

If you have a non-standard lock, please indicate this at the time of the call when you are ordering the service. The colors we carry regularly are gold, silver, and bronze.

We can replace the locks of front doors, garage doors, sliding patio doors and even the doors on filing cabinets and mailboxes. We can help in cases of non-standard locks and get you exactly the specific lock or part that you need.

Door Lock Installation

If you purchase a new lock, or you’re going to purchase a new door and you need a door lock installation service, we can come to you on the same day and provide you with a quick installation that is professional and competitively priced. We install locks of all kinds, and we have a huge selection for you to choose from. We have everything from standard residential locks to high-security electric locks for businesses.

Installing a lock must be done perfectly, especially when installing the lock into a new door and frame. A nonskilled technician, or one who doesn’t carry certain dedicated tools that fit the size and type of lock, may succeed at installing the lock but will often perform a poor installation that may lead to the failure of the lock within a few months. Then you will have to spend more money getting that repaired or replaced.

Lock re-keying project

Lock Re-Key Service

If you lost the key to your home or business, and you fear it will reach the wrong hands, that does not mean you have to change the lock right away. Even in the case of entering a new house or rental, you do not always have to change the lock so that copies of old keys will not open it. After changing the length and order of the pins inside the lock, only a new key will open the door. This key will be provided to only you after the modifications to the lock are made.

It is possible to do a lock re-keying for commercial locks and residential locks. This option also allows you to have one key for opening all the doors in your home or business, or only some of them if you want.

In the case of large businesses with many doors, such as industrial buildings or large residential buildings, we can provide you with master keys. This means that one key will be able to open all doors, and various keys, which open only part of the doors of your choice. In this situation, we can generate a key for maintenance managers or owners of a business that open all the doors, and for the employees or other managers, we can generate a master key under varying degrees in coordaining in advance.

Commercial entry doors

Commercial Hardware Installation

If you need the supply and installation of new commercial door hardware, we can provide you with the best products from the leading companies in the field. Not only that, you will receive an installation by a technician who specializes in the commercial doors and locks of large businesses and structures. We provide commercial hardware installation services to many businesses and all our products meet the requirements of the insurance companies.

If you need commercial door parts, such as door closers or openers, handicap openers, magnetic locks, panic bars, or electric strike plates, we are the company to talk to. We also supply and install completely new steel, hollow metal, and aluminum glass doors.

If you need any advice or guidance regarding commercial doors or any relevant hardware, please contact us today and we will be happy to help. Our company provides a full warranty on both the work and the commercial hardware that we provide. It is important for us to add you to our loyal family of customers. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any question or request that you may have.