Magnetic lock

Repair & Installation Services

Electrical lock installation services are important for both the residential and commercial purpose. Most of the commercial buildings already use the electric locking systems with the advanced security, CCTV, multi-locking mechanism and the alarm systems. These electric locks will multiply the effect and security required by the owners. With security, it also allows the owner to keep track of everything. If something goes bad, the lock will automatically close itself by raising an alarm.

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Commercial entry doors

Different types of advance door locks

There are many types. However, majorly all of these locks are classified into few categories. The categories are as follows.

1. Electric coupled strike locks for your doors

If you want high-security door locks then you can select electrically coupled strike locks. These are very useful where the employee access or the administrator access is required. You might have seen them in TV or movies. These locks make a buzzing sound. It is because the electric circuit activates the locking mechanism.

2. Magnetic locks

Most famous locks for the commercial lock installation. These include an electromagnetic system with the metal armature for locking.

3. Bio-metric locking system

These are very advanced locking systems. They use biometrics like fingerprint scan, retinal scan and face recognition technique.

4. Smart locking system

These are activated and deactivated using remote sensing technology along with the access control mechanism. These are new door locks.

5. Keypad locks

They use keys to open the door. If your key is correct then only you will get access.

6. Swipe cards

We see such keys in hotel rooms and hospitals. The card is the key. The decoder will decode the information in the card to unlock.