Lock re-keying project


What do you do when your lock malfunctions? Will you just call the door lock services or you think about repairing? Repairing yourself is not a good idea. You should contact the locksmith. Now, the question is whether you have any say in the repair procedure or the locksmith takes care of everything. Always key change service is not a good option. You need to think about it. You need to save your money.

If your lock is still in good condition and new then you should try to find the alternative. We will tell you about an alternative. The alternative to locking replacement or change is door lock rekey service. You can opt for this service for any type and every type of door locks. Be it be a residential lock or the commercial lock. Even you can select the commercial lock re-key if you want to repair your commercial building.

What is the lock re-key service?

Generally, what locksmith do is to replace the present broken lock with the new one. However, lock re-keying does not replace your lock. However, it a repair service. To understand this we need to know about the components in the lock. The lock will have few machinery and mechanical parts inside it.

The parts are spring, pins, teeth, cylinder and the outer body. If any lock goes bad, instead of replacing it the locksmith will examine the lock. Then he removes all the parts inside the lock like a cylinder, pins, and the elastic spring. The pin and spring along with the teeth hold the lock in locked position. When the key in inserted, it allows the key to moving freely to open the lock. The locksmith will replace or remove these inner objects to repair the lock. This process is called as the lock re-keying service.

Door installation project

Is it better to opt for lock re-keying service?

It depends on the lock. If you say the lock is new or it is good condition then the replacement of key changing method is time, consuming as well as it will be costly. As the locksmith is only repairing the inner parts of the lock, you are actually not buying the new lock. Therefore, it is good to select lock re-keying.

Now, consider an old lock. If you want to re-key it then you can. However, it is not worth the money and time you are spending. As the lock is old, it might give the same problem again in the nearest future. At that time, you have to replace the key. Therefore, you are paying for service twice along with two charges on the lock. First is an inner part replacement and the second one is whole lock system replacement.

The third condition is if you are planning to upgrade your locks in near future. Yes, it better to go for new lock installation over the lock-keying process. It will save you some money because you are not spending the money twice.

Affordable Home Rekey Service

There are different types of re-keying services available. Some of the re-keying services are as follows

1. Re-keying for homes

Home rekey service is affordable as the locks used in the homes are not advanced security locks. The locksmith will check the lock and repair it for you. If he thinks that, the lock rekeying is possible and it is worth it then go ahead with the process. If he thinks that, the re-keying is possible but it is not good to select the re-keying method. Then you should listen to him or her. You too have an idea about the lock’s condition. Hence, you need to think before taking any service. The right decision will save money. A wrong decision may save few bucks now but you will pay more after some time.

2. Emergency services

If you want to have your lock serviced very quickly then contact a nearest available emergency locksmith. He will provide service to you at any time the day and night, throughout the week. It is called 24*7 same day home servicing.

3. Commercial re-keying services

The re-keying process is same if you have same commercial or residential locks. If the locks are different then service will be different. For example, magnetic keys are not easy to re-key, as there are electromagnets and metallic armatures. If the lock is an electrical lock, then re-keying is not possible. They need bypassing service.

4. Lock cutting, repair, and replacement

The locksmith can cut your key to replace it with a new one. He can do door lock repair if the re-keying is worth trying. If not it is better to replace the existing key with a new one.

5. Warranty and after sales service

Generally, the re-keying service has a warranty of 3 months whereas replacement gives warranty of one year. You can select the best-suited service.