Magnetic lock

Are you thinking about a lock for your office doors? Are you finding it difficult to select the best lock for your commercial doors? Then you do not need to worry. You can contact the locksmith to decide the best available locks available in the market. Many people select digital security systems. However, if you want to go for something other than digital locks then magnetics locks are the best choice.

Not everyone uses magnetic locks for their houses. Most of the time magnetic locks are used in commercial buildings.If you want commercial grade locks for businesses, then it is better to go with magnetic locking system. They are excessively different from the mechanical lock systems. If you are thinking about its services and fault in these locks then you need not worry. As there are many magnetic door lock repair services available in your city.

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Commercial entry doors

Why we need Magnetic Locking systems?

These are safer and reliable than some of other locking systems. These magnetic clocks consist of two primary components in them. First, one is electromagnet and second one is armature plate. The armature plate is metallic in nature. Some locksmith calls them maglocks.

The magnetic system is placed inside your door opening. Therefore, it is not easy to access it. It will expand the security of locking mechanism. Then on the surface of the door, they will place the armature plate of metals. Then the electricity is supplied to the lock.

With a magnet, it induces the electromotive force to become an electromagnet. This electromagnet will attract the metal armature plate. Because of this, the lock will lock. However, to extend the security, we need the power backup. Therefore, we are getting multiple security for our doors. This is why many of the business owners go for commercial door lock installation.

Different buildings, who choose magnetic locks

If you are not sure, whether to go for the magnetic lock then we are providing different buildings, where people choose magnetic locks. This will help you to decide, whether your building comes under these following buildings.

1. Motels and the hotels
2. Educational Institutes
3. Retail establishment buildings
4. Office buildings, banks, and commercial buildings
5. Municipal and state agencies along with government buildings.

Whom should you call for the magnetic lock services?

Not every locksmith handles magnetic locks. As these locks need electric knowledge, you need a commercial locksmith to do the job. Many people do this mistake of calling a normal or residential locksmith to offer services for their buildings or houses. If you go to non-professionals then it may create a problem for both of you. A skilled locksmith can easily install the magnetic locks. Even if something goes wrong, he can troubleshoot the issue. They will even suggest best magnetic locks for your building.

Different types of magnetic lock services

Because of the involvement of two factors like magnetic field and electricity, you need an expert to install, process, troubleshoot and repair the magnetic locks. Different services are as follows

1. Perfect way of installing magnetic locks

Yes, the way or method should be perfect. Else, your door will malfunction continuously. The armature plate of a metal and the electromagnet should be placed inside and outside of the door. You need to supply the electricity with right ratings. The alignment of the plate is important.

2. Troubleshooting process of magnetic locks

Even after installing or during install, you will face different issues like electricity coupling and plate locking. Therefore, the locksmith needs to take care of it by troubleshooting.

3. Magnetic door repairing

As the lock is special, you expect it to malfunction. Once the lock malfunction there is no way to open or close the door without the service of a commercial locksmith.

4. Integration of magnetic locks

Integration is nothing but the access control. Here, the user is given the access control to open and close the door.

5. Emergency assistance

As there is no way to open or close these doors, you need emergency assistance and service.

Magnetic Lock Installation Services

The business and the commercial complexes need a high level of security for their building. These buildings consist of valuable objects, files, products, and many more things. Because of this, they will need a magnetic lock for doors, file storage rooms and other rooms in your office. If you want to have a lock on your building then you need magnetic door lock installation services.

The locksmith will offer the magnetic lock installation. As there different types of magnetic locks are available, you can consult your locksmith to select the best magnetic lock for your commercial buildings. These are special electric locks, so you need experts to install them. They need maintenance and service at times.