Just think about a hypothetical situation at your home. You came back from a family tour or business tour but you do not have access to your key because you have lost it somewhere. The neighborhood is completely silent because it is nighttime. Your nearest residential locksmith services shop is not open because of the holiday season. You are with your kids, who are sleepy and hungry at the same time.

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The climate outside is cold and raining. What will you do at that time? You will need a residential locksmith to repair your lock or make a new key for you. You can then call the next nearest locksmith, who provides emergency house lockout services for you. The locksmith will offer different services including the home lock re-keying service so that you can get access to your house. Even if you want, you can ask either for duplicate keys or to tell the locksmith to install a new lock on your house.

Same Day Home Locksmith Service

It is important that you get your locksmith services as soon as possible. Sometimes the service required by you is an emergency service or a time-bound service. If there is no emergency then the locksmith will offer his services well within next few hours. This type of service is called as same day home locksmith services. For this, you do not need to wait for 24 hours. If you call the locksmith at 6 PM in the evening then he will complete his asap. This is what same day service means. The services offered by same day services are as follows:

Locksmith at work

1. Changing of lock, repairing of lock and installation of new lock

If you need any kind of locksmith services for your house then you can call the locksmith service, who offer residential same day repair services. They can come to your house as quickly as possible and repair your door, furniture, cupboard and other household things. You can ask to change the existing lock if you find some problem with it. If the lock needs only minor repair or major repair then a locksmith will service it. If you are in urgency then go to an emergency locksmith. They will come and service it within 60 minutes to 120 minutes. If you want to upgrade your locks then you can go for new lock installation services. It is important that you change your locks periodically to keep yourself safe from future home break-ins and problems.

Lock re-keying project

2. Professional re-keying services

If you do not want to replace entire lock system then you can go for the lock rekeying systems. In this service, the locksmith will remove the inside parts of the locks like the springs, lock cylinder, pins etc. they will replace these things. Then the old key will not work in this lock. You will need a new key, which comes with the new inner lock system. It is better to go for re-keying service over replacement because it will save you some money on the repairing and servicing. Not everyone can do this, as it needs skills. You can opt for this service if your lock is a mechanical lock.

3. Duplication of keys

Let us say that you have lost your keys. The keys may be your car keys, door keys, cupboard key, or other keys. Then it is safe to replace the lock. If your key is broken then there is no point in going for new lock system. You can select key duplication service from the locksmith. It will save your lock replacement money. You can directly go shopping for a duplicate key or you can call the locksmith for this service over lock replacement.

4. High safety security keys and intercom

If you are more concerned about the security of your house and vaults then you should go for advanced security. It will make you feel safer than ever before. The locksmith with assessing your house and they will calculate all the needed security for your house. With your consultation, they will install all the advanced security lock security for your system.

Front entry door

5. Residential door repair services

Even you can opt for the automatic garage doors and automatic locks for your gates. These systems require professionals to complete the job. Generally, these include electrical systems and magnetic locks. The locksmith can also repair any defects in these locks. As they are electrical systems, they need more time like programming and bypass but generally, they complete the service within the same day.

6. Other services of residential locksmith

Apart from services like front door lock repair, lock replacement and duplication, they offer other services like the security audit for residential areas, car key repair, laser cut keys and remote keys.