Interior & Exterior Doors

Front entry door

Residential doors are at the forefront of homes and serve as a barrier between the elements of the inside and the unwanted people of the outside. It is important to maintain your exterior doors, such as the front entry doors, sliding glass doors and garage doors. Any safety or security problems with your exterior doors will need to be fixed immediately.

If you have a loose door or a basic lock on the door that is easy to pick open, then it will not be hard for a burglar to break through or kick open the unsecured door. Call us 24/7 if you need door repair or installation help anywhere in the greater Toronto area.

AmPm Door Services has special departments which focus specifically on residential doors, sliding doors and garage doors. The technicians of each department are skilled in their field and able to provide and install a new door or lock of any type or style that you desire.

We always maintain fast and friendly customer service. All the work we do will include high quality parts and materials. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to help you on the same day.

24/7 Emergency Door Repair

AmPm Door Services offers emergency door repair services of all kinds. We have experienced professional door technicians who are experts in their field. Their expertise ranges from exterior entry doors to residential interior doors.

If the service you need requires maintenance, upgrading your door locks, or if you have been the victim of a break-in and the frame and lock of your door are damaged, then we can send a technician on over to address any of these problems that you have.

When booking the service, let us know the details of your door problem and we will send the right technician on over who specializes in the type of door repair that you need.

We maintain fair prices and courteous customer service. If you need a residential door repair service, please call us and we will be happy to send you a technician within few hours, or as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Door Frame Repair

If your door frame is cracked, split, or broken, it does not necessarily have to be replaced with a new frame as there might be a situation where you can replace only the broken or cracked part of it.

We wish to emphasize that the construction of standard door frames in Canada is not strong enough to prevent a break-in if someone were to kick the door open and break the lock or metal plate (strike plate) that sits on the door frame.

When booking a service call with one of our technicians, please ask them about the possibility of securing your frame to prevent door break-ins. This could be done by installing longer screws into the strike plates, and by replacing the standard strike plates with thicker and more durable ones. In addition, it is recommended to upgrade your locks with better ones that cannot be picked so easily.

Our door frame repair services include repairing fallen doors or hinges that were torn from the frame. Our repair services are available for all WOOD, aluminum, metal and steel door frames.

We service all exterior and interior doors and frames that can be found in bedrooms, bathrooms, or basements. In addition, we can align the doors by balancing the hinges if they are bent too much.

Door Break-In Repair

Door break-in repair project

If your house has been broken into, the first thing you must do is call the police. You may also want to stay away from your home because if the intruder tries to escape, you wouldn’t want to stand in their way. You never know if the burglar is carrying any dangerous weapons like guns or knives. Even if you are not sure if the house is empty and the intruders left, you should not go in because you could be destroying shoe prints, fingerprints or all other evidence that could lead to their capture.

After contacting the police and waiting for their arrival, please contact us and inform us of your need to repair your door because of a burglary. Let us know your general location as well so that once the police have finished their work, we will take your call and provide immediate emergency door repair service.

Repairing a burglarized door typically includes the replacement of the doorknob or the deadbolt, as well as repairing the door frame if it was damaged. An experienced door break-in repair technician could save you quite a bit of money by repairing and restoring the door, replacing the locks and recovering the door frame.

As we’ve already mentioned, we can offer you many solutions for preventing intrusion in the future, such as high-security locks that cannot be opened by picking them. In addition, we can offer you home break-in protection services, such as metal plates and hardware that is dedicated to preventing intrusion by kicking through entry doors.

Residential Door Installation

Door installation project

Do you need a residential door installation service for residential doors and frames of all kinds? If so, we will be happy to offer you a service for installing doors at the highest level. That way, you can have a secure and balanced door. We can install a door that you purchased independently or even to provide custom doors according to a specific measurement if necessary.

Buying a door from a well-known manufacturer or supplier will not be effective if the door is installed incorrectly or contains unfitted hardware or door locks that are not suitable for it. If your door locks do not provide a maximum level of safety and durability over time, then they are no good. Fortunately, our door installers have many years of experience with installing all types of residential doors, from installing interior doors to luxurious exterior doors.

We can also install new door frames for you as well, so you can secure and strengthen the framework in order to prevent the door or frame from being kicked-in during a break-in attempt.

Door Replacement

Entry door

Broken door or frame? Dents or holes in the front entry door to your house? If so, we can provide a professional door replacement service at a fair price. We wish to emphasize that we sometimes receive requests to replace an existing door with a new door and that is fine.

When our technician inspects your door, they will suggest the possibility of repairing or renovating it if it can be salvaged. Then you can avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a new door.

We provide doors of all types and sizes. The replacement of a standard-sized residential door is possible on the same day or on the next day and in the case of custom wooden doors, it would be around a week or two. We can replace glass doors (patio), aluminum or steel doors and allow you to add a window in the center of the door if the thickness of the door allows it.

When your budget is limited, ask us about using your current door hardware (locks and strike plates). We might be able to fit your existing locks into the new door, and thereby save you from having to buy new door hardware.

We are trained locksmiths, and if necessary, we can provide new keys for your existing lock.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are used daily and tend to wear away faster in comparison to other doors because they are made from double glass and are usually very heavy. The high proportion of sliding patio doors and pocket doors causes erosion to form on the rollers and rails (tracks) as well as the locks and door handles.

You must make sure that the rails are free of dust, dirt, or leaves because it might eventually ruin them. In addition, do not slam the doors firmly during closing because this may result in the release and opening of the screws in critical locations, like around the door handle or lock.

Sliding patio door

Burglars tend to use sliding patio doors that are maintained properly, especially those that have a spacious break with a worn roller or loose lock which allows a small margin to break-in more easily. It is very important to install a security bar for securing the door at night or when going on an extended holiday. It is important to take care of the rollers, tracks, and lock so that they are in good condition. That way, the door will open, close and lock perfectly with no spaces. If you need a new sliding door or a fast repair service, we will be happy to help you on the same day and provide resistible spare parts that come with a full warranty.

Garage Doors

AmPm Door Services provides same day garage door repair and installation services. We can repair or replace your garage door immediately and at a fair price. Most importantly, the service will be performed by an experienced and fully insured technician. We service both residential and commercial overhead garage doors.

Garage door

If you want to replace your garage door with a new garage door, you can choose the door design that you like and have the option of adding top panel windows. If you want insulation, you can choose that too.

If you experience a malfunction in the garage door, especially if the door is stuck in the open position or it is partially open, don’t try to lower the door manually alone. If a cable or spring of the garage door is broken or loose, the heavy weight of the door will likely cause it to slam down onto the floor and subsequently cause it to break or get crooked.

We offer emergency garage door repair and can come to you immediately in case of an emergency where your garage door doesn’t open or close. In some cases, this might be because the opener doesn’t work. If so, we will repair or replace your opener.

It is important to choose a company that provides high-quality parts and sends experienced technicians to perform these jobs. If you were to hire an amateur to do your repair or maintenance job, it could cost you quite a bit of money in the long term if you need to fix their mistakes.

Screen Doors

Screen doors tend to be pulled apart easily and need to be replaced every few years, especially during the hot summer months. In addition to the mesh that tends to be pulled apart, there are sliding screen doors that move on rollers and rails too. Like in sliding glass doors, the rollers or rails wear down and need to be repaired or replaced.

We sometimes receive requests to replace the entire door, but the truth is that strengthening the screen door frame and installing a new screen will be more than enough. That way, you will be able to use the existing door rather than replacing it with a new one. If you still want a new screen door, we can provide you with new doors of all sizes.

In case you have small children or pets, we can provide a screen door replacement with a thicker and more durable screen which is suitable for a house with pets, children or a screen door that is centrally located and tends to be pulled apart more often.