Door Frame Repair Toronto & GTA

We use the doors of our home every day. It is only natural that our door frames would begin to break, crack, or split after a while. There are several factors which affect the condition of a door frame. For starters, the age and material of the frame have a lot to do with its condition. A wood door frame is obviously going to be flimsier than a metal frame or aluminum frame. That is why a lot of people with wooden door frames tend to find them cracking after just a few years, especially if they live in a humid environment.

Door break-in repair project

No matter the reason is for your door frames becoming damaged, AMPM Door Services provides emergency door frame repair services to save your door frames before they get any worse. Usually, a crack or break in the frame starts out small and is nothing to worry about if it gets repaired promptly. If you have a steel frame, then you may not encounter these kinds of problems, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get damaged either. Regardless of the condition, let AMPM Door Services repair your door frames in any emergency situation that you have with them.

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Broken Door Frames

Did you let the deteriorating condition of your door frame get so bad that it is now split? Either that or perhaps an intruder tried to break through your door, causing the frame to get dented or cracked. In these situations, door frames are not usually salvageable which means you will need to replace them. It is important to have a strong and quality door frame because it ensures that your door functions and aligns properly. It also makes it harder for intruders to break the lock by kicking in the door.

Fortunately, AMPM Door Services offers broken door replacement services too. This is where our trained technician removes your old broken door frame and replaces it with a completely new one. The technician will take the proper measurements to ensure the new frame will fit around your doorway and accommodate your existing door. If you care about the material or design of the door frame, we can accommodate those wishes too. Just let our customer service person know these preferences when you initially call us. That way, our technician will have the frame readily available when they arrive at your residence to perform the door frame replacement job.

Kicked-In Door Frames

If you are facing a kicked-in door frame or a door break-in damage, we can help you on the same day. A kicked-in door frame does not necessarily need to be replaced. We can save you money by replacing only the cracked wood, and by installing new metal strike plates and locking latches.