The exterior doors around your home are the most vulnerable to getting damaged. This doesn’t necessarily have to be damage caused by forcible entry either. Since exterior doors are exposed to the surrounding outside environment, they are more likely to endure damage from rough weather conditions or even insects like termites. If you have wooden exterior doors without any termite protection, then don’t be surprised if pieces of wood start to go missing in the door or along the exterior door threshold.

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Entry door

As soon as you notice damage to any of your exterior doors, you should contact AMPM Door Services to perform an exterior door repair job on it promptly. Not only will our experienced technician repair the door within the same day you call us, they will be able to tell what caused the damage to your door and the best ways of preventing it from happening in the future. This could be a recommendation for termite protection or possibly even an exterior door replacement with a new door that is constructed out of better protective material.

Exterior Door Frames

As susceptible as the exterior door is for getting damaged, the exterior door frame is just as susceptible. Often times, the door frame will be made out of the same material as the door. So, if you have a door made of wood, then chances are your frame is wood too. This means rotten wood caused by excessive mildew or termite damage can appear in either wooden structure. Of course, this won’t always be the case when you have fancier doors like glass doors or sliding patio doors.

Commercial entry doors

For those of you with a sliding glass door in the back of your home, the rim of the door is likely made of aluminum or metal. However, this doesn’t mean that the frame of the door is metal or aluminum. Most exterior door frames are made of wood, regardless of the material that the door is made from. If the frame is broken from the wood being rotted or damaged, then your door is not going to be that functional.

AMPM Door Services can perform an exterior door frame repair service to fix whatever issues are going on with your exterior or interior doors. That way, it will allow your door to be functional again so that you can maintain the security and integrity of your home. Call Us any day of the week and we will likely be able to perform this exterior door frame repair job on the same day.