Interior doors are often the most neglected doors in a home. After all, they aren’t the barriers that are keeping out intruders or bad weather conditions. Interior doors only exist in the rooms inside your house, such as your bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and so on. You may think it’s no big deal if one of these doors gets damaged because they’re already inside your home anyway. But, interior doors still hold a fair amount of value when it comes to the privacy of those living in the house and the overall value of the property.

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Interior door

Do you have an interior door that does not close properly? Perhaps the door is crooked or sags a bit. Even if you don’t mind keeping the door slightly opened because it doesn’t shut, what about your door frame? If you have a misaligned door then it is likely going to rub and scrape against the door frame, which will then cause the frame to get damaged too. Then, the functionality of your door will be impaired even more.

As soon as an interior door problem arises, you need to call an interior door company that is experienced at fixing these kinds of problems. AMPM Door Services has a team of professionals with many years of experiences in interior door repair. They are the best when it comes to restoring the functionality and aesthetics of any interior door that you’re having problems with. Best of all, AMPM Door Services is one of the most affordable interior door repair companies around. You will learn this during your free consultation with us.

Interior Door Replacement Services

If the wear and tear of your interior doors have gone on for too long without being treated, then you may need to get an interior door replacement done instead. Not only that, your interior door frame may have also suffered from all the scraping and rubbing of the door if it was misaligned. This means you may need to replace both your interior door frame and interior door.

The bathroom and bedroom interior doors are the most common ones to get replaced. For all other areas, especially areas where there’s no room for functional hinges, consider getting a pocket door there instead. These doors slide open and close into a compartment which exists on the other side of the wall. Pocket doors are typically made of wood, just like the other interior hinged doors. These options and more will be discussed during your free consultation with our interior and exterior door repair specialist.