Wooden doors are always the most affordable and easily customizable type of doors that you can have on your property. But they are also the most vulnerable to being cracked or split, whether it’s from deterioration that happens overtime or being damaged by weather or an intruder. Whatever the reason is, wooden door repair is available to you any day of the week.

Broken Wood Door or Frame?
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Door break-in repair project

AMPM Door Services provides professional wood door repair services which can repair any dent or split that exists in your wooden door. There is no sense in letting your wooden door stay in this condition because the wood damage could easily become more severe if left untreated. Then you will have to pay more money to get it fixed or possibly have a wood door replacement altogether.

If your door ends up being too severely damaged or debilitated, AMPM Door Services can perform the wood door replacement for you too. We will customize the new wooden door to accommodate the size of your frame so that it fits and aligns with it perfectly. All it takes is one phone call on any day of the week and we will send a technician to your property promptly.

Wooden Door Frames

If someone has mishandled your wooden door by banging on it or forcing it open, this can usually have bigger consequences for the wood door frame around the door. When a door is kicked-in from a break-in situation, the wooden frame will most often break. The damage that will be caused to your frame by a burglary will be quite severe. You may be able to salvage the frame by using our wood door frame repair service, but it depends on the extent of the damage done to the frame.

Broken residential door

Whether you need exterior door frame repair or a total wooden frame replacement, AMPM Door Services is available for the task. When one of our technicians arrives at your property to assess the damage of the wooden door frame, they will be looking to see if the strike plate is still in the frame and how big the split is in the wood. If the split is too big and the strike plate is outside the frame, then it would require a total wooden frame replacement. But if there are just holes in the frame or the drywall, then these can be repaired without having to replace anything. The correct solution will be determined during your free consultation with the technician.