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Our Sliding & Patio Door Repair Services, Include Repair and Replacement of Broken Glass, Rollers, Handles or Locks. We Provide Fast 24/7 Emergency Services To Anywhere in The Greater Toronto Area.

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Almost every home and even quite a few businesses, shops and offices prefer a sliding glass door that can be opened and closed on a horizontal track and not as a common entrance door. There are different types of sliding doors such as balcony patio doors, screen doors, and closet or pocket doors that slide into the wall while opening the door.

If you have a damaged sliding door and you need a fast emergency sliding door repair Toronto or anywhere in the GTA, we will be happy to assist you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In case of a home break-in or the door falls off the rails, please indicate this when you call us so that we can give your call our highest priority.

If your sliding door does not open or close easily, and you recognize the rollers are not operating well, you should call a technician as soon as possible to treat the failure immediately. Sometimes, only the mere adjustment of a certain part can prevent a replacement in advance. When ignoring a sliding door that is not running correctly, a small failure will cause the door to go out of balance and other parts to be damaged. Examples of small failures like this include rollers that need some adjustment or a track that gets released. This will cause the latch of the lock to bend or break because of the unbalanced door.

We provide sliding door repair services for all types of sliding doors at a fair price, and of course, with fast response time in emergencies. We recommend that you don’t try to fix sliding glass doors by yourself, especially since most of the doors in Canada are double glazed and the door is heavy.

In addition, we recommend putting security bars on sliding patio doors which would secure the door manually and prevent an easy door opening by burglars. A poorly maintained sliding door, with a loose handle or with a damaged roller, will be an easy target for an experienced burglar because the burglar will exploit the fact that the door is a little loose and is easy to create a gap between the door and the frame.

Patio Door Repair

Patio door repair

As noted, patio doors are available in homes, businesses, restaurants, and even offices that want maximum visibility and light. We provide repair or maintenance services for patio glass doors. The most common failure on sliding patio doors is the roller (wheel) being worn out or bent over time, which means they should be adjusted or replaced. It is important to note that in case of damaged rollers if a technician came to you, take advantage of the visit by replacing both rollers and avoid calling a technician and paying extra for the second roller.

Canadian patio doors are very heavy, and it is not recommended to replace them or fix them by yourself. These are heavy doors with double glazed glass, and sometimes the aluminum frame that holds the two glasses in place gets loose and causes the glass to fall when removing the door out of the tracks, not to mention the risk of injury by the broken glass if it falls on you.

We know that patio doors are used daily, especially during the hot season, and that you want a door which is easy to open and close comfortably and safely. Our patio door repair services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we will be happy to help you with any repairs that you need, including with door locks, handles, frames and preventing burglaries by adding an extra lock and installing a security bar. We also repair screen doors and provide a full warranty for the labor and parts. We can also provide you with new patio doors of all sizes.

If your patio door lock is not locking or opening smoothly, do not delay the repair, as it is possible to adjust the latch of the lock if it is not bent or broken completely. If you had a home break-in through your glass patio door and you can see damage to the handle or glass, please contact us so that we can secure your door on the same day.

Sliding Door Roller Repair or Replacement

Sliding door rollers

The replacement of sliding door rollers should be done only by experienced personnel that is aware of the danger which exists in assembling and dismantling large and heavy glass doors.

Sliding door rollers carry all the weight of the door and are eroded over time by opening and closing the door. If you feel that it’s getting harder to open or close the door, or if your sliding door is off its tracks, this is probably due to the rollers not being aligned correctly. Either that or they are broken.

Rollers have a height adjustment mechanism and overtime, the height of the roller tends to fall due to the weight of the door which is very large for a set of two rollers. At times, it is possible to avoid replacing the rollers and installing new ones, especially when the problem is the height of the rollers.

Another problem with rollers is the erosion of bearings, which are small balls inside the wheel. In this case, we would have to replace the rollers and install new ones. There are many types of rollers, and it is not recommended to install unsuitable rollers. Choose only a known and reliable sliding door company to perform roller replacement work, as there are quite a few cases of unqualified technicians causing damage to doors and the cost of repairing this damage will be more expensive. We provide sliding door roller repair and replacement services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we promise to repair your door so that it operates smoothly.

Unlike various maintenance manuals, don’t oil the rollers or the track because it will serve as a temporary solution. Then, after a few months, the oil will cause the accumulation of dirt, dust, and erosion of the bearings which will require a replacement. Maintenance for sliding doors means maintaining a clean track so that you do not accumulate dirt inside the rollers. That way, there will be nothing that will interfere with the opening and closing of the door.

Sliding Door Lock Repair

Sliding door lock

The door locks and handles of sliding doors tend to get ruined over the years due to the fact that these doors are very heavy, and when closing the door it tends to slam into the frame causing the release of screws or freedom in the lock or handle parts. To avoid damage to handles and locks and other parts of the door, close the door gently and do not slam it into the frame.

The main problem on sliding door locks is that sometimes we don’t close the door fully, then when trying to lock the door by lowering the latch (the lock) we exert a greater force to compensate for the fact that it is misplaced. Closing lock with an excessive force, causing some freedom at the lock, which can not be corrected, but only replaced. Of course, this means replacing the inside of the lock, and not the whole handle.

When the door is not fully closing, it may not be a problem with the door lock , but there is a problem with the rollers or the door or misalignment of the door, which causes the door to be lower or to get an angle that does not allow the lock to fit smoothly into the frame. Sometimes, there might not be an internal problem in the lock or rollers, and the issue can be solved by adjusting the lock strike plate which located on a door frame.

Handle Repair

Sliding door handle

Replacing a sliding door handle should be done very carefully. It is important to make sure to replace with an exact same handle. Careless work or unsuitable tools will cause the glass to be cracked because its edge is right next to the handle screws.

We provide sliding door lock repair services 7 days a week. We can help you with locks of commercial and residential doors. We can provide and install for you a security bar which is considered the best solution to prevent break-ins through patio doors. In addition, we will be able to install an additional internal lock that will make it difficult to open the door from the outside, and it will be a great solution for long travel situations.

Broken Glass Replacement

If the glass is broken, do not touch the door, and keep children and pets away from the area. If you had a break-in and a glass door or window was opened by someone breaking the glass, do not touch the door. Instead, you may want to call the police and stay away from your home in case there are burglars still hiding in the house to avoid detection. We recommend leaving the house entirely and staying away from it. Wait at your neighbors or inside your vehicle until police will arrive.

If your sliding glass door needs an emergency repair, we will reach you within a short time after contact. Glass that was broken following a burglary, or as the result of a human error, should be replaced on the same day. In case it is late at night, we will temporarily close the door until we can supply a new glass on the following day. We can replace broken glass doors for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

There are many solutions to prevent the breaking of glass doors like thick, transparent stickers which are glued to the glass and make it very difficult to break if hitting it with a sharp object. When the replacement of the glass is cheaper than replacing a new door, you may want to choose a reliable glass door company that can provide different alternatives and a quick replacement of broken glass at a fair price.

It is important to choose a professional company that will perform the re-installation of the glass. An inexperienced technician will install the door in a way where the seals are not placed properly, allowing moisture to enter between the two glasses (in the case of a double insulated glass door).

Track Repair

Sliding door track

Sliding doors are getting off tracks for various reasons. Where the main reason is not related to the track at all, it is the rollers that are not aligned properly or worn out. If your patio door is out of the tracks, do not attempt to put it back unless you know where the weak spots are on these doors. If the frame that holds the glass is not reinforced and has become loose over the years, it is easy to get the glass broken and separate it from the frame.

When the rollers are not aligned or worn out, it requires a larger force to open or close the door, and usually, the lower part of the door will be dragged on the track and will cause it to be worn or bent. When the track is broken, cracked or has significant curves that cannot be aligned, the replacement of new rollers will help because the door will be heavy and inconvenient to operate alone. In this case, a new track needs to be installed.

If you have a broken or curved track, this may cause gaps between the door and its frame, especially when moving it from the outside with force. This would allow an intruder to get more easily to the latch of the lock. The tracks must be cleaned once every two months with a damp rag, and as we have already noted, no rails should be oiled because this will cause dirt and dust to accumulate in the roller bearings.

Switching tracks is rarely done, and usually, we will align and fix them for you. But if you need a sliding door track repair or replacement service, we will be happy to help. We will provide a fast, reliable service on the day that you call us. The service will include a full warranty for our work and on the different parts that were replaced.

The Door Frame

Sliding door frames are made of aluminum and rubber seals. Aluminum frames are designed to prevent moisture from entering in a case of a double glass door. Residential and commercial sliding doors are worn down over time, especially because the door is slammed to full closure, which causes the opening and release of bolts that reinforce the aluminum frame.

When a glass door frame is loose, at best, you will see and feel it when opening or closing the door. In the worst-case scenario, you can see water or moisture penetration between both glasses, and the accumulation of mold within a few weeks. If you see that your sliding door frame is loose, cracked or broken, it is advisable to contact a professional sliding door company that will send an experienced technician who knows how to safely repair glass doors with loose frames.

An attempt to repair a sliding door frame independently may result in sliding the glass beyond the aluminum frame, causing it to fall and break. This could cause a serious injury because the glass is relatively thick and can crack easily due to the sliding of your tools during your work. Apart from the general maintenance and cleaning of the door, we would not recommend that you repair loose or broken aluminum frames by yourself.

We provide sliding door frame repair services for all types of doors, including patio, screen and storm doors. If you experience a break-in at your home or business, and your door frame is damaged and you cannot close or open your door, we can send an emergency technician to your property who can temporarily repair the frame until it is replaced if needed.

Door Installation & Sales

Since sliding doors are heavy and usually with a double glass, it is recommended that they are installed on a stable base that will not bend or sink due to door weight or door slams. It is customary to install these doors on the basis of a reinforced steel or on a concrete base in cases of adding a patio door to old houses.

An experienced professional door installer will have the knowledge to build the door frame and its concrete base in a sealed manner, which is important because the rainwater seeps into the soil, and can penetrate beneath the door in case of installing a new door in an old house.

In addition to full sealing, a professional installer will ensure that the door is fully balanced and will not compromise on that, especially since it is a sliding door that moves horizontally.

If you are looking for a new sliding door installation service for a patio door that you bought, we will be happy to provide you with professional, reliable and fast service. We recommend that all our customers install a security bar, and in neighborhoods with many home break-in cases to also have an extra lock installed. We recommend that you also secure the windows on the ground floor, and make sure there is no vegetation that covers glass doors and windows, as this will allow burglars to hide while they try to break through your door.

It is recommended to have sealed curtains that cover the doors so burglars could not look inside your house and tell the value that could lead to a break. In addition, you should install in exterior sliding doors a fake camera with a red flashing light, and lighting that operates on a motion detector that will deter burglars to move on to the door especially at night.

You are welcome to contact us with any question or request on our sliding door repair services. We provide full warranty for the work and parts, and we will come to you on the same day, 7 days a week.

Pocket Doors

One of the more difficult doors to fix are pocket doors because they go inside the wall and sometimes there isn’t an easy way to access the door assemblies in order to replace or adjust the top/bottom rails or rollers.

Sliding pocket doors are typically found in closets area, bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms, and consequently, it is customary to use them frequently. If you notice that it is difficult to open or close the door, we recommend that you book an appointment with a technician during your first few weeks of failure because sometimes it is just a loose screw that needs to be screwed back in place. This is relatively cheaper to repair when compared to replacing it with a new part.

If there is a need to repair a more complex pocket door, such as creating an access to the door’s assembly by dismantling some of the drywall, it is recommended that you choose a reliable and professional door company that will know how to perform the decomposition and reconstruction of the wall in an esthetic way.