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Having trouble with your sliding door? It is time to call a professional. Sliding doors usually lead to the backyard. These could also be in the bathrooms. No matter where it is in the house, a repair service can fix any issue. One of the most common problems with sliding doors is the handle. If the handle get damages, your house will be exposed to a burglary in the worst case scenario.

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An Issue You Can Handle

Is your handle loose? Does it fall frequently? Instead of putting it back again, hire a sliding door handle repair service. They will be able to fix it permanently. This is one example of the small issues around the house that could escalate.
A poorly installed handle can affect the lock and the overall security. Any door that leads to the outside should be secured. If it is easy to open the door from the outside, call a sliding door handle repair service immediately.

What Is Damaging Your Handle?

If your handle is causing trouble, hire a local door service immediately. There are some possible causes to the malfunction:

Poor Installation: If the handle was not installed properly, it will cause problems after a while. The screws will get out of place and the handle will get loose.

Bad Quality Handle: For patio doors that lead to the outside, you need high-quality handles and locks. If you purchase a cheap product, it will stop working after a short while.

Structural Issues: The door frame could be damaged. It causes issues on the lock and the sliding door in general.

Why Should I Hire A Repair Service?

Hiring a sliding door handle repair service is better than attempting to fix it yourself. If the issue is caused by a previous poorly executed job, you will not do better. An expert can detect any structural issue. They will make sure the handle you are about to install is high quality.

Having an expert taking care of your reparations will save you money in the long run. Door repair service sound oddly specific. However, they can perform many jobs. These services are offered by residential door repair companies. They have years of experience fixing doors.

Locks And Handles Available

Before you purchase a lock or handle for your sliding door, take some considerations.

What are your needs? If the sliding door is inside the house you need a regular handle. If the sliding door leads to a backyard, you need a lock.

Do you live in a gated neighborhood? Do you share a fence with one or multiple houses? Houses that are not in gated areas need extra security. If there is a child in the house, they should not be able to open the sliding door. It should be locked from the inside and unbreakable.

Some of the locks usually installed are:

  • Lever latches / mortise locks
  • Foot bolts / internal locks

Each lock has its own benefits. When you hire a sliding door handle repair service, they will recommend the best option. Based on your needs you could need a reinforced lock and handle. If the option you choose does not go with your needs, the crew will guide you.

A Security Matter

Part of the sliding door handle repair service is to guarantee the safety of your door. The will reinforce the door frame and all the hardware in the door. Locks and handles are extremely important.

If your front door is secure, a burglar could try to break in through your sliding door. If the lock is standard, they burglar could pick it. That is why you need to hire an expert. They will be able to repair and improve the handle on your sliding door.

This locks should be child-proof and the handle high enough so a kid cannot open the door. The security of your house will depend on how much attention you pay to those details.

Smart Locks For Sliding Doors

Smart locks are a trend nowadays. People can open the door with their phones or with a code. The days when losing your keys was an issue, are gone. It is great to embrace technology but for sliding doors, it may not be the best option. Losing the phone that opens the door is one way to put your house in danger. A smart lock is not for sliding doors. Refrain from buying an expensive system that could become an issue. Sliding doors that lead to a yard benefit from classic handles and locks. The resources you will save could be used to install security cameras.

Stronger And Safer

Once you hire a sliding door handle repair service, you will fix one issue. The handle could be jammed or entirely broken. Before the technician leaves, ask them to perform an evaluation of your sliding door. If the screws and hinges are exposed, a burglar could take advantage of it.

Ask the company for improvements to the entire sliding door. Changing the handle and lock is a great way to start.

AmPm Door Services

We provide all around sliding door repair services, for any type of sliding glass doors, screen doors and pocket doors. We offer emergency repair services, 7 days a week. In case your handle is damaged or broken call our experts and they will repair it for you on the spot. We also carry new sliding door handles, rollers or tracks, so we can replace and install a new one for you, when needed. We are fully insured and give a full warranty on both labor and parts.