Sliding door lock

Did you close your sliding door so hard that it bent the locking latch? Are the locks jammed? No worries anymore, when AmPm Door Services are here. We possess one of the best sliding door lock repair services that you can ever find. We not only repair locks but also provide new door handles and security bars.

Our services:

  • Sliding door lock repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Adding security bars
  • Adding extra locks

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Why The Lock Tends To Fail

The locks of the door usually tend to misplace or fail due to the heavy door that they manage. The sliding door is generally concluded with a slam and hence the bolts and screws loosen up and expel from their place. These screws are the one that holds your door frames intact. Hence, if these are damaged, the door frame is in peril. Sometimes, even the misalignment of the doors can result to poor lock system.

A well-trained technician is needed to examine the correct issues that your sliding door is facing. A professional repairman is required for any lock or handle replacement, as the handles are very close to the glass and one small mistake can crack your glass. We deliver the answer to all your door lock repair needs, may it be commercial or residential sliding doors. We also assist you with the installation of security bars for your patio doors that gives the best protection against break-ins.

Add An Extra Lock To Your Exterior Sliding Doors

Is your sliding patio door facing the entrance, that gives easy access to the inside view? Was there a recent theft attempt at your dwelling? Are you thinking of making your house more safe and secure? What can be the best solution? Considerably, we have the answer, ‘Add an extra curl to your exterior sliding doors.’

Usually, the built-in sliding door locks are just normal latches which are not that protective. Many a time burglars can easily bypass the doors by just wiggling them slightly. Hence, adding an extra lock to these doors reinforces your house security. Contact us today and our sliding door repair services will get your house double secured by adding an extra lock to your sliding doors.

AmPm Door Services

We provide our repair services for all the door brands available. We are one of the best sliding door lock repair services who assure you 100% quality work and that too on the tolls that go easy on your pockets. Our experts are available 24 hours, all days a week, including Sunday’s to assist you with our fast services.