Sliding door rollers

The arranging and dismantling of big and great sliding doors need expert knowledge. Sliding doors have rollers to enable them to slide while closing and opening. These rollers tend to wear out within a short period of time due to constant usage. AmPm Door Services have expert technicians to take care of all your sliding door roller repair needs. These rollers are the one that bears all the weight of the heavy glasses and carry them along while sliding from one end to another. If by chance the rollers break due to non-maintenance, the door gets stuck or even fall and break in the worst scenarios.

What we do

  • Broken roller replacement
  • Tracks / Locks / Handles
  • Maintenance / Alignment
  • Door Installation / Replacement

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Should You Oil Faulty Rollers?

Our sliding door repair services are available 7 days a week for you. We are one of the best service providers that would help all the sliding door related issues on the same day. We understand that sliding doors are difficult to maintain, however, it’s not advisable to use oil while the doors get stuck. This is because the oil can cause dirt and dust accumulation making the track dirty and even more difficult for the rollers to slide. Having expert advice would be a wise decision in order to save you from spending more in the future.

Sticking Sliding Glass Door?

A slider is expected to move easily without much effort to put in. This easy access and convenience of the sliding doors are making them more and more popular among residences and business offices. Today, most of the people usually prefer to have sliding windows, sliding patio doors etc to make their homes and offices look more spacious and bright.

Sliding patio doors tend to get sticky due to constant exposure to dirt, minute elements, and rigorous usage. This would make the sliding procedure difficult and keep the glass doors stuck in one place. Even the rollers and tracks get damaged due to corrosion.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive care for all your door repair services which include sliding door rollers replacement, track repair services and much more. You mention and problem and we have a solution for you. Our expert technicians are well versed with all kinds of sliding doors may it be commercial or residential doors. We understand the importance of time and safety of our customers. Hence, our officials reach you at the earliest after being informed and try to get the work done on the same day itself.