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Our sliding door repair experts provide services like sliding door track replacement services, bottom / top track repairs and aluminum frame repair. Our services are affordable and hence easy to your pockets. In spite of a reasonable service, we never compromise on the quality of the work provided. Our technicians make sure that they offer you the best service in a more professional way. Get in touch with us for all your sliding door repair needs. We will be there to offer the best repair service and keep your doors shining and well maintained.

Your Door Is Stuck? Is It The A Faulty Track?

Is your sliding patio door out of tracks? Is the frame holding your doors gone loose? Well, when AmPm Door Services is here for your help, you need not worry about these problems anymore. Unless the tracks are bent, sliding tracks are usually not the real reason for a stuck door.

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Sliding door rollers

Damaged Rollers Will Worn A Door New Track

It’s the broken or worn rollers that prevent the easy sliding of the patio doors. Such worn rollers need a larger force to operate the doors. This can result to the breakage of rollers, which would make the glass doors drag on the track.

In case the track is bent due to constant corrosion of heavy glasses, you would need an expert technician to handle your sliding door track issue. We have a group of expert technicians who provide you with a flawless sliding door rail repair service.

Prevent Door Break-Ins By Maintaining Your Sliding Doors

Broken or bent tracks make it easy for the burglars get into your house by just unscrewing the bolts. Hence, if your door frames are loose and the bolts are dangling down, do not ignore it. Call us right away on and get your door repaired. We understand the importance having an intact and problem free door for your family. We are available all days a week from 9am to 9pm to resolve all your sliding door track repair problems.

Does Your Sliding Doors Off Track?

The reasons for the sliding doors to get off the tracks are basically the accumulation of dirt and dust in the sliding door tracks. The constant friction of dirt coated rollers with the tracks, damage the smoothness of the track. This, in turn, affects the smooth sliding of the doors. Hard and rigorous movement can cause bending or sometimes even crack of the aluminum tracks.