Garage door spring

What exactly is wrong with this garage door? Why are the cables so tensed? Are they not balanced? Yes, there is definitely something wrong with that garage door. That is why there is too much tension in the springs, and this has led to an unbalanced garage door.

If you are reading this, with this kind of experience with your doors, then it needs our garage door spring adjustment services right away. We have a team of dedicated expert technician with certifications, they are available and ready to adjust your springs making your garage door balanced again.

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All you need to do is connect to us and contract our services, and reliable experts will be sent to your place as soon as possible. They will ensure everything is in order within the next 24 hour – that is how fast we work. We offer a trusted and effective same day completion service that beats our competitors hands down. Don’t get yourself worked-up because of that spring that needs adjustment. Just contact us; we will investigate the situation properly to know what exactly needs to be done, before proffering solution.

Don’t Try To Adjust Springs without Professional Help

As garage door experts we have realized the dangers involved in garage door spring adjustments. These dangers can only be averted by professional technicians specially trained to understand and avoid the risks involved. Your safety and that of your belongings are of great importance to us, that is the reason behind this discussion. If you are not trained to work on garage doors then get an expert to do it for you to avoid the following risks:

Serious injuries can be obtained from a fallen loosed garage door while adjusting the spring. A stretched string can spring out of place if not carefully held. This can fall on things or anyone around creating damaging effects.

There are a set of rules that must be followed while fixing garage doors and also adjusting its springs. You may not know them, and it will require proper training to conduct sensitive repairs of this nature. Everyone, on our team has undergone series of training with qualifications to show for it – we are very capable hands to ensure your safety and that of all properties on site while we work.

Garage door

How We Operate

Our first step of action when called on – that is, after our expert technicians are already on ground is to:

Investigate the Problem

As experts, from experience we have discovered that some calls turn out to be something else entirely once we get to the location. So, to avoid any mistake, we come prepared with all the tools hoping it might be anything. An accurate fact finding process is initiated at the beginning by examining your garage door properly to pin point its exact faults.

In the case of adjustment, our technicians will examine it by closing and opening the garage door severally to observe the springs. We do this to see if the springs are tensed, if there is a gap under the door and to be certain the door is not balanced. If all these are true, then we are sure your door springs needs to be adjusted.

How Spring Adjustments Are Done

We commence by unhooking and placing hooks in a new position – which is a hole from the garage door frame. This action helps to reduce the tension in the spring and brings about a fast reduction to the length of the string after stretching. The essence of this step is to lower the pressure on the garage door spring.

We test the door by opening and closing it to measure the space underneath, if there is still a space beneath, then it still needs some more fixing.

Our experts move the hook to the next hole close to the garage door again to further reduce the length of the string and reduce the pressure and tension experienced on it.

When there is no gap under the door after closing and opening, then the adjustment is done. We also check to notice that the door spring is no longer tensed as it was previously.

There are other special experts skills that our professionals apply based on the situation on ground that cannot be stated here. Every effort is geared towards ensuring a perfect garage door spring adjustment that all our customers appreciate.

Rigorous Testing

We don’t just repair and leave, we stay back for as long as it takes to ensure every part is perfectly working before bringing the process to an end. For garage door spring adjustment we ensure the spring is perfect and confirmed by you before leaving the premises.

Special Warranty

Our services come with a special warranty that covers for the parts used and the labor involved. This is added to cater for any issue you might have with our garage door spring adjustment service. In case we receive complain that will require us to revisit your site to do some reset or adjustment. Our service and tools used in this instance is free based on this warranty agreement.